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Jim Ekanem

Freelance Digital Designer | Connector | Activist | Mentor/Mentee

In September Jim will be talking at Design for Tomorrow

Jim Ekanem
Jim Ekanem
Jim Ekanem
Jim Ekanem

About Jim


I am a Digital Designer based in Amsterdam and specialise in UX Design. As a Freelancer, I conduct expert reviews of my client's digital interfaces and create app and website designs in Figma and Webflow. In addition, I give design advice to non-profits in my network to increase the impact of meaningful initiatives. In my Blog on Medium, I share knowledge, experience, and my opinion about design & ethics with my peers.

Next to these work endeavors, I mentor young designers in my network (a.o. on adpList). To this day, I have greatly benefitted from mentorship at different stages of my career and made it a principle to return the favour (Each one, teach one). Being a mentor has afforded me to reflect and learn even more, to help others, and to foster reliable, collaborative relationships in the field of design.

Professional background

In the past I've had the opportunity to gain a diverse perspective on the discipline of UX Design. Working in a fast-paced corporate environment in Germany, I got skin in the game at the intersection between Interaction Design and Service Design. I then went on to pursue my master's in Human Computer Interaction at Utrecht University practicing academic research for 2 years while graduating at a medium-sized company as the sole UX Designer. As a freelancer I currently develop my skills beyond UX by focusing more on creativity and visual experiences.


As a sports enthusiast and former football player at Spain Soccer Academy, I value ambition, consistency and adopting a growth mindeset. In addition, I strive to consume sustainably and foster real life social connections and experiences. I have a great interest in mental and physical wellbeing, and like sharing my experience and enthusiasm with the people around me. I've been passionate about building regenerative communities for a while and started several fitness communities during my 3 years in Utrecht.

The underlying motivation being, that the way we do and perceive fitness in our society is focused solely on the individual and tends to harm us as a collective. I believe that fitness should be social, playful, and outdoors to bring us more in touch with ourselves, each other, and with nature.

Validating this idealistic concept and having made it come to life as a brand called 'FlowingFitnessNL', has afforded me the peace of mind to stop the initiative, do less, and channel my energy in one place. Since August 2023 I focus on my freelance design business full-time with the aim of using my platform and my voice to advocate for ethical design.

About the Event

Join Jim's talk as he critically examines the 10 Usability Heuristics by Jakob Nielsen and presents their limitations in today's rapidly evolving technological and societal landscape.

This is an initiative by Randstad UX & Design in Focus.

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