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October 7 to November 22

To partake in next years programme, please sign up here.

In 2023 we planed for an awareness week seeking the best the design world has to offer in order to create a better future. Things took an unexpected turn and instead of one organising a handful of events for one week, we ended up organising 60+ events over 6 weeks.  

Due to the unforeseeable escalation, we had to work diligently and tirelessly to make it happen and that caused a couple of hiccups. Despite this we managed to have some great outcomes and were graced by talent from across the globe. From fresh perspectives to LinkedIn top voices, from entrepreneurs to demonstrated VP's, the six weeks was crammed packed with views and perspectives. 

With a better understanding of the potential, we are planning next year well in advance. If you would like to make it onto the list of participants, please register today. If you would like to get involved as a sponsor, collaborator, donor or supporter, please contact us right away. 


Lighthouse Towers Beaconing Tomorrow, that is the theme this year. The three towers are Design as it relates to Businesses, Design as it relates to Humanity, and Design as it relates to Nature


Date : 7 October - 22 November

Location : Hybrid - Amsterdam Online

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