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Watch and share CID professionals & Industry video content right here.  Come back frequently to see more videos as we explore the value and impact of CID in business and society on Design in Focus.

#DesignForTomorrow - Design for Life with Cecilia Brenner

#DesignForTomorrow - Design for Life with Cecilia Brenner

Cecilia is an Experience Design Director with over 25 years of international experience in UX design. She currently holds a position at Philips as a people leader, serving a dynamic team of UX designers towards excellence. Beyond her corporate role, Cecilia passionately embraces her role as a mentor, extending support to fellow designers in their pursuit of effective leadership and skillful craftsmanship. Learn more about Cecilia: ____________________________________ In a world facing environmental challenges, it's crucial that we embrace a holistic approach to design that nurtures and regenerates the ecosystems around us. Designing for Life is a special presentation born from a year-long Design for Good journey that has explored the evolution from individual-focused design to community-centered collaboration and, most importantly, to a profound reverence for all living beings. Learn more about this event : --------------------------------------------------------- Design for Tomorrow This summer we are focusing on everything design can do for humanity. Initially this awareness week was planned for the Netherlands only, but we are already collaborating with connections in the US, UK, Brazil and India, and have now started reaching out to an international network of UX pros from every corner of the world. The theme spans the entire summer, but we are actively working on condensing as much as possible into one week, the week of the 21st of August for maximum impact. Well, that was the plan. But due to the amazing response from professionals, one week is not enough to contain all the events, and so now we have the Design for Tomorrow Awareness Initiative! Learn more : ---------------------------------------------------- Made possible by A. Design in Focus : B. Randstad UX : C: Sprintlab : Big thank you to Nadine Niehaus.
#DesignForTomorrow - Design for Good Panel Discussion

#DesignForTomorrow - Design for Good Panel Discussion

Design for Tomorrow Join us for the grand opening of the Design for Good Discussion, marking the exhilarating kickoff of the Awareness Week for the Design for Tomorrow Summer Initiative. The Design for Good Discussion is set to be an inspiring and insightful event that sets the tone for the week ahead. Lineup. Introduction to the Initiative Get ready to embark on a journey of innovation and positive change as we present the core principles behind Design for Tomorrow. Discover how we aim to harness the power of design to address crucial challenges and create a brighter future for all. Thought-Provoking Panel Discussions We are honored to welcome our esteemed panelists. Carla Traini Director of Design of the Netherlands design team at frog, and Chairman and Board Member of IxDA Netherlands, Carla is at the forefront of shaping innovative design solutions that truly make a difference. Don Norman on Humanity Centered Design and his new book Design for a Better World. Koert Bakker Head of Experience Strategy & Insights at PwC Experience Center, who was instrumental in making the Design for Good January event happen and who can be credited for planting the seed for the #DesignForTomorrow Initiative. Robert Kozma, renowned author of Make the World a Better Place: Design with Passion, Purpose, and Values. Sean Carney, an influential figure from the Design for Good Non Profit. Their expertise and insights are sure to leave a lasting impact. Trine Falbe founder of the Ethical Design Network and her dedicated mission to make design more ethical. Learn more : ---------------------------------------------------- Made possible by A. Design in Focus : B. Randstad UX : C: Sprintlab : Big thank you to Nadine Niehaus.
Stephanie Wade on the value & impact of Innovation & Design in Government

Stephanie Wade on the value & impact of Innovation & Design in Government

About Stephanie is an expert human-centered designer, strategist, keynote speaker, teacher, and change-maker working to build a better world. Prior to starting Ascendant, Stephanie oversaw a $65M portfolio of innovation programs around the world at Bloomberg Philanthropies, served as the Director of the first design Innovation Lab in the U.S. Federal Government (Lab@OPM), and helped build Booz Allen Hamilton's human-centered design practice. Stephanie has diverse experience building impact through program, service, and UX design-based innovation projects in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, has helped build a culture of innovation in multiple organizations, and led the development and delivery of human-centered design and equity-centered innovation curriculum and training to over 7,500 public sector staff in national and local governments around the world. She also serves as an executive coach to organizational leaders. She is an adjunct faculty member at IIT's Institute of Design and a frequent guest lecturer at leading academic institutions including Harvard University, Columbia University, Duke University, and Cornell Tech University. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Policy from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, a Practitioner's Certificate in Design Thinking from the Austin Center for Design, and a Bachelor's Degree from Boston College in Sociology and Studio Arts. Learn more:
#DesignForTomorrow - Building products & services that afford better experiences for learners

#DesignForTomorrow - Building products & services that afford better experiences for learners

In today's dynamic landscape, embracing the spirit of learning has become an imperative, especially as we find ourselves amidst the transformative wave of the 4th industrial revolution. The world is evolving at an unprecedented pace, intricately weaving intricate patterns of change. In this context, education emerges as a pivotal force, shaping not just individuals, but entire communities, and upholding the principles of equity and progress. Join us for an event that spotlights the essence of learning and its profound impact on our evolving world. While our focus is firmly rooted in the significance of learning experiences, we're excited to introduce you to a remarkable individual who has dedicated decades to unraveling the intricate layers of design, strategy, and innovation across diverse industries and user landscapes. Catherine, an accomplished professional, brings an extraordinary wealth of expertise that spans across realms of UX, CX, product and service design, strategy, and digital marketing. With a career enlivened on two continents, the United Kingdom and Australia, Catherine's journey has been marked by a continuous exploration of the symbiotic relationship between learning and growth. At her current role, she leads the charge in experience design and research at Pluralsight, one of the guiding forces behind SAAS education and technology. Situated within a globally dispersed product and technology team, Catherine's endeavors have transcended mere roles; they've become a testament to the synergies between learning and innovation. Her ventures have transcended geographical boundaries, influencing not only her team but also resonating with audiences across events like UX Copenhagen 2023, APAC-based gatherings, and conferences that champion Lean Agile and Systems Thinking. But this event isn't just about Catherine; it's about the paramount role of learning in our ever-shifting world. It's about acknowledging the ripple effects of learning experiences, not only on individuals but entire cohorts and organizations. From the realms of design and engineering to the ethereal domains of cloud, data, security, and AI, learning is the unifying thread that stitches together progress and transformation. Delve into the realm of education as an equity issue, and let's collectively unravel its potential to bridge gaps and ignite change. Beyond individual accomplishment, the power of learning fosters a sense of togetherness, propelling communities towards brighter horizons. So, mark your calendar and be part of an event that magnifies the transformative force of learning. Together, we'll explore the vistas of education, growth, and equity, and embark on a journey to shape a future where knowledge knows no bounds.
Ladies that UX x RANDSTAD UX Design for Good : AI & Ethics Interactive Discussion

Ladies that UX x RANDSTAD UX Design for Good : AI & Ethics Interactive Discussion

RANDSTAD UX January 2023, hosted at PwC Experience Center Amsterdam Panelists: Marieke Peeters - Koert Bakker - Cecilia Scolaro - Hans van Dam - Moderator : Claudia Muller - We've done what we could to salvage the recording after our equipment failed us during last weeks' event. The audio is not fantastic, but conversation is exceptional. In case you missed it, Ladies that UX x RANDSTAD UX - Design for Good : Ethics & AI Interactive discussion panel was our event for this month that was hosted at PwC Experience Center in Amsterdam. The fabulous panel, including Hans van Dam, Marieke Peeters, Koert Bakker & Cecilia Scolaro, did a great job in discussing topics of the utmost importance for UX Designers in 2023 including the responsibility and impact of our work, how AI will affect us as professionals and the work we deliver, & other important trends and opportunities. This event was made possible through collaboration between us, RANDSTAD UX HQ UX, and Ladies that UX Amsterdam and supported by PwC Experience Center Amsterdam who provided a venue with drinks and cold snacks to start and warm snacks to end. A cold Amsterdam winters evening warmed by our gracious hosts, the wonderful energy of our panelists, and the curious and dedicated professionals who attended, and those who worked on the project. Thank you Claudia Müller, Sebastian Franco-Martin, & Niki Volonasi additionally for your efforts to making this happen. #Randstad #UX #RandstadUX #LadiesthatUXAmsterdam #PwC #ExperienceConsulting #Ethics #AI #DesignforGood #Amsterdam #Professional #Network #Community #Event Coordinator : Candice Storm -

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