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Experience Portals

What if a video is not enough, or a single article lacks the capacity to tell a story? For that we have Experience portals.

Experience Pages / Portals.

Experience portals give context to many of our multimedia works.

On Experience portals Participants are able to express their efforts with greater detail and with more information. There are two types of experience portals. One is a standard page and one is a bespoke page. Bespoke pages are used when we want to tell a more detailed story or include content beyond the scope of the standard page.

Not everyone who participates in our multimedia publications choose to have experience portals. Sometimes we add the productions only to the galleries and channels.

If you are a viewer, have a look at our Participants' Experience Portals to see their content, what they are up to and in which ways you can connect.

If you are someone who would like to know more about participating and co creating multimedia content, visit our Onboarding Portal to learn more.

If you have any Questions or Feedback, mail us directly or add your comments to the Q&A page.

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