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We plan to host the first ever #CID Quality Awards event this year and we will be awarding our industries finest and most valued members.  The event will take place from Amsterdam, the Netherlands online. Stay in the know by signing up to the newsletter, or come back frequently to check for updates. You may also join our CID Quality Awards Group to get more involved.

When you look around you, how much of what you see has not been Created, Innovated and or Designed? CID is the backbone of all we do in business as well as in the most private moments of our lives. A great deal of efforts of CID industry brings value and impact in business and society. To recognise individuals who contribute and lead this industry, we have created the CID Quality Awards, to say thank you to and acknowledge those talented sources of inspiration. 

Design in Focus one star CID Quality Award


Nominate any CID professional for a singular speciality as either a Creative, an Innovator, or a Designer. 


Nominate any CID professional for a two star award by selecting two CID categories.
*CID - Creative - Innovation - Design.

Design in Focus Quality Awards Seal
Design in Focus Quality Awards Seal


The three star award is only awarded to nominees must exhibit qualities in all three CID fields, Creative and Innovation and Design.


If you have nominated someone, you may share this nomination certificate with them.  Please note: We will do our best to tag all nominees on LinkedIn, but can only do so with people who are connected to Candice Storm on LinkedIn. It is best for you to share this image with them on social yourself if you want them to receive it on their public profiles.  We will attempt to contact nominees ourselves, but obviously your effort goes a long way to ensure that they get visible recognition for their nomination. 


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