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Summer 2023

This summer we are focusing on everything design can do for humanity. Initially this awareness week was planned for the Netherlands only, but we are already collaborating with connections in the US, UK, Brazil and India, and have now started reaching out to an international network of UX pros from every corner of the world. The theme spans the entire summer, but we are actively working on condensing as much as possible into one week, the week of the 21st of August for maximum impact. Well, that was the plan. But due to the amazing response from professionals, one week is not enough to contain all the events, and so now we have the Design for Tomorrow Awareness Weeks!


To group topics and event interests, we've created a couple of themes. Some more are on the way, but you can already navigate through your favorite themes and find events. 

Aspire to Better Our Lives Through Design.

What can design not do? Look around you, how much of what you see has not been designed?

We who create with intent leave our mark everywhere the eye falls. We have reach. 

We who Design give form to the world we all live in. We make impact. 

So, what can design not do? 



The Network & Community Randstad UX organises events for this initiative, but the initiative is open to all who addressing the key topics in this awareness initiative. You may upload your own meetups, events and conferences around this theme. 

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Add To The List

This initiative was started by Randstad UX for the R'UX Network & Community. It escalated quickly and we spread beyond the Randstad. Because there are very important topics in this awareness week, we thought it would be better to reskin the portal without our own branding, and only add our logos to the events we organise ourselves. 

To make this initiative work for as many important voices as possible, we decided to also list other relevant events around the topics and themes of Design for Tomorrow. If you are organising relevant events, please feel free to add them to the list. That way more people can hear about ethics, sustainability, human centered and human centric design and every other important topic in the design world today. 

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