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Event Details


August 31







It's the biggest week of events by any community as big as Randstad UX. For our Design for the Future Awareness Week, we invite you to join as for an online event featuring Victoria Weinsberg, who will lead a panel discussion on the following employee experience topic: 


Onboarding - How to use Probation Periods more efficiently


Hiring cost, turnover rates & lack of productivity are one of the most known challenges organizations have to manage. However, there are still various employees sharing experiences about not receiving tasks after starting a new job or receiving guidance while onboarding. Others seem to experience the opposite - feeling overwhelmed and left alone without any manager support or integration into a new team culture at all. 


Some employees might resign a couple of months later and some HR managers are feeling surprised that their newly hired talent is suddenly leaving and did not see that happen. Mostly, this is no surprise at all, but a matter of various influencing factors along the way. 


During this panel discussion, we would like to discuss your different points of view and experiences during onboarding periods as an employee and employer. Let's find out what led to good or rather poor experiences on the way. Of course, joining a new work place is not like a visit to Disneyland. However, positive experiences - especially at the beginning of a new job are crucial and called the Honeymoon effect, which is actually decreasing if job changes are happening too often. 


We are very excited to welcome you at this panel discussion and might even have the chance to apply some live design thinking methods to come up with our individual panel members solution. 



6.00pm-6.10pm: Start & Arrival of Participants 

6.10pm-6.30pm: Welcome & Introduction 

6.30pm-8.30pm: Panel Discussion

8.30pm: Conclusion & Wrap Up  

Please contact Victoria Weinsberg to join this panel.

Remember to use the hashtag #DesignForTomorrow when sharing your event experience on social media!

Please check Meetup to stay up to date. This initiative scaled beyond expectation and we're doing our best to keep the plane up while flying. Event are published on Meetup and LinkedIn.

Watch live on LinkedIn and RSVP on Meetup to join.

All online events were made possible by a donation from Nadine Niehaus of Sprintlab

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Onboarding - How to use Probation Periods more efficiently

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