Mission & Vision

Take a moment and look around your space, how much of what you see has not been designed? It's very safe to say, even if designed poorly, almost all physical matter around you has been created by design. This is our world. 

We needed a warm place to sleep, so we created beds.  We wanted comfort so we innovated materials to provide warmth, comfort, support. We want our beds to look inviting so we design an array of models. 

Everything around you made by man which you can't live without follows the same pattern.  There exists a need, and that need is met with creative problem solving and design thinking, and often innovation to deliver the best possible solutions to that need, this creates good business too, and serves society. 

The mission of Design in Focus is to demonstrate the value of CID through engaging with those in the field and finding supporting evidence such as statistics and cases.

The vision of Design in Focus is to have a channel for and by CID people to not only engage within their networks, but also to provide valuable info that can help bring their relative stakeholders along on topics related to CID. 

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The 4 Pillars

The four Pillars that make up Design in Focus have been thoughtfully conceptualised to give four very different perspectives from within the CID industry and landscape. 


LinkedIn Group

Join the LinkedIn group for co creators.  Introduce yourself and your topic(s). 

We can share ideas and concepts here. 

LinkedIn Showcase

On the showcase page we are mainly sharing Design in Focus content and other inspiring Creative, Innovative and Design posts.


LinkedIn HQ

On the page we post only Design in Focus content.  


Open call to CID (Creative | Innovation | Design) professionals. Sign up to participate in interviews and debates on hot topics and developments in the various fields, talk about and share ideas and concepts and or develop / brainstorm new avenues yet to be explored. 

Rugby Field

In collaboration with / Sponsored by

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Design in Focus podcast channel is a labor of love. The greater majority of participants thus far are investing their own spare time and energy to create something of value for multiple stake holders. 

stormCIS will host and produce a lot of content but we are also searching for other companies that may want to collaborate and even invest.

If you do not have the capability or capacity to invest, you can always donate by using the buymeacoffee link, remembering to add a subject line for Design in Focus so that the funds are used appropriately. 

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Design in Focus is a labour of love. If you have enjoyed this media and would like to see more as well as help ensure that we can produce more in the future, please consider making a donation