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Daniella Sachs

Daniella Sachs

Strategic Impact Designer, Founder, Builder

Daniella Sachs
Daniella Sachs
Daniella Sachs
Daniella Sachs
Daniella Sachs
Daniella Sachs

About Daniela

  • Impact.

  • Everyone wants to do it.

  • Many claim to do it.

  • But what does impact really mean and how do you actually achieve it?

This question has driven my quest over the past 15 years to understand how to design, innovate and build products and programs that have real impact on the world. My journey has taken me from architecture and urban planning, into conservation and sustainable economic development. Through to launching tech startups, and building purpose-driven communities and social entrepreneurship ecosystems. I have taken what I have learned in my work which has spanned across Africa, Australia, Indonesia, the Middle East, Caribbean, South Pacific and Europe to create the Impact Ikigai(TM), a holistic strategic design framework.

This tool helps companies leverage the power of design to embed impact and future-proof their business. It helps organisations turn Theories of Change into real, tangible impact. And helps design teams ask the hard questions to make sure that real impact is delivered beyond the standard metrics. As designers, we have the ability and responsibility to help companies walk-the-talk when it comes to designing for good and designing for tomorrow. I'd love to share what I have learned along my journey, and in turn discover what you have learned along yours.

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