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Katrina Liu

In September Katrina will be talking at Design for Tomorrow

Katrina Liu

Product Design Manager | North America Director at Ladies that UX

About Katrina

I am Katrina, a UX leader with 16+ years of experience in the field. I am a Product Design Manager at Microsoft by day, UX community leader by night.


I am the North America Director for Ladies that UX. I provide guidance and support for over 20 chapters in the North American area to put together events and connect talented UX professionals across different levels. It’s satisfying to see like-minded people connect and share their passions.


Before taking on the North America Director role, I led the Ladies that UX Seattle meetup group with 3,500+ members.

Katrina Liu

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Katrina Liu

About this event and network



I loved the accessibility event! This is a fun network and I feel like I belong.

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