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Would you like to support us? From one & done small donation, to making an impact and developing your CSR, there are many ways to add value. When you donate or sponsor Design in Focus, it's participants and members or specific topics, we thank you with a badge.


If you are a member on the platform or you have an Experience Portal, the badge is assigned to your profile. We also share the badges on social posts including the donator or sponsors' name unless they wish to remain anonymous. This way we not only get to thank them, but their good deed is noted and promoted, which can only score some brownie points.  

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Helping Hand

Our Helping Hand program receives donations and sponsoring from 1 - 500 Euros. 

Supporting Shoulder Sponsor Icon
Supporting Shoulder

The Supporting Shoulder program takes in donations and sponsoring between 501 - 3000 Euros. 

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White Knight Program

Our White Knight Program Receives donations from 3001 Euros and have a coupled CSR program. 

Would you like make a donation or sponsor us? Below are a couple of suggestions based on our backlog that may be relevant for you. But you are welcome to choose how you assist by creating your own amount and frequency.  Please contact us directly for any questions.

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