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Unitatis facit vires. Unity makes strength.There are many reasons to collaborate and many goals that we may achieve by doing so. 

*VIP membership. Is free and free from abuse. The only difference between Membership and VIP membership is that VIP members may publish content including articles, events and training. We enable CID professionals to do so with the intent of further demonstrating the value and impact of CID in business and society. We see VIP members as collaborators because we are not paid for our service and tools. We collaborate to bring interesting and relevant information to CID stakeholders.  

You do not have to be a member to collaborate. Being a member could be useful. For example, members may request badges, or have badges assigned to them. These badges identify the members and their contribution to Design in Focus and beyond. For a network or community founder, having this badge can demonstrate your role. You may also create a group and post on the forum, creating more options and also visibility. 


Here are 6 ways we can add value & impact and strengthen our efforts with a unified goal which surrounds the value and impact of Creativity | Innovation | Design (CID) in business and society. 

Strategic Alliance

We have similar goals & our Missions & Visions overlap. We should be allies. 

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Co Creatives

We want to tell the same story to the same or similar viewers, we should co create. 

Networks & Community

As networks & Communities, collaborating can expand our reach and strengthen our causes. 


DiF publishes events and enables CID pro's to start / create and publish events. 

Let's get together. 

Tools & Resources

We both offer tools & resources to CID pro's. Together we can create so much more impact. 

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Founders & Makers

Direct your own DiF chapter. DiF chapters do not have to be all CID,  just one or two of the three. 

Did any of these options pique your interests? Signup to collaborate or contact us directly. 

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There are 6 Areas in which we operate. 1. Galleries & digital channels, 2. Experience portals, 3. Member area & Groups, 4. Events, 5. Networks & Communities and lastly Training & mentoring. 


Visit the goals section to learn more about common goals that we focussed on achieving for ourselves and our stakeholders. 


View our roles portal to find out more about which roles you can play on the Design in Focus platform and how it can benefit you. 

Image by Chris Brignola


To ensure that we harbour a safe and secure platform and environment that adds value and impacts CID industry & professional in the most optimum way, we have some rules. 

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