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Read about developments right here to stay in the loop and come along on our journey into the inspirational world of CID and the people that make it. 

31 July 2022

The Gallery page is up, now we only have to make great content... only...

Lot's of work, short time, no worries here because we've had some great chats. 

30 July 2022

We published the Podcast structure page.

This page was published to give people interested in participating an idea about how we go about recording and for participants to prepare for the session(s). 

29 July 2022


25 July 2022

Getting documentation ready. 

Legal jargon, legal jargon, legal jargon. 

The Events page is up and running.

Check out our events page as it grows and more events added. We will showcase all kinds of events, paid and free. If you have an industry event you'd like to add, get in touch. 

21 July 2022

28 July 2022

21 July 2022

The Members area is Live.

Become a member of our Professional Network by signing up or learn more about it here

20 July 2022

We launched our Onboarding page which outlines the various ways to get active on Design in Focus.

Learn about how you can get involved to create shareable content for the CID industry and people. 

Our reach is ever increasing 

We've connected with people from 42 countries across the globe in 240 locations. With central Europe and the UK in the lead, followed by North America by numbers.

19 July 2022


19 July 2022

UX Nordic publishes interview between Candice Storm and Trine Falbe podcast.

You may listen to it here on Design in Focus when we launch in September, spiced up with our own flavouring. 


Candice Storm introducing her mission on Design in Focus video and audio is published.

What is CID and why does this channel exist? 

In this video Candice explains her perception of CID and poses some questions which she hopes to find some interesting answers to.  

19 July 2022

In July 2022

We are on Youtube. 

Subscribe to our Youtube channel to watch new releases. 

15 July 2022

We reached 200 members on the LinkedIn Page.

Let's grow this baby. Check out this screen where you can find all the places to join our networks.  

In July 2022

We are on Soundcloud.

Subscribe to Design in Focus on Soundcloud to catch newly released podcasts as they're published.  


7 July 2022

We are on Slack. 

Join the group to learn more about Design in Focus and talk with fellow CID people. 

11 & 6 July 2022

Recorded with Ricardo Faria.

We spend two days recording and I'm sure the result will be great!

We are on Facebook.

What is CID and why does this channel exist? 

Catch us on Facebook where we will be sharing social content for CID people to share. 

6 July 2022

6 July 2022

Catch this teaser explaining Ethical Design under a minute.

A glimpse into the talk with Trine Falbe, founder of the Ethical Design Network about Ethical Design. 

In July 2022

We've had contact with the Invision Leadership forum.

They have some inspiring podcasts and content for Designers. 

And we like them because they said that they consider Candice Storm as a Design Leader :)

We've had networked with the Creative Youth Festival.

They are busy with some interesting ways to be more inclusive to creatives joining the force and we find them inspirational. 

In July 2022

29 / 30 June 2022


Spent two days recording with Trine Falbe who is a leading expert in the field of Ethical Design & Founder of the Ethical Design Network.

Trine is insightful and has a high level of awareness. It's easy to talk with her and I have a lot more questions.  Hope to have you back. 

27 June 2022


Traveled to Maastricht to meet with Damien Nunes, conversing with him about the Human Experience and Industry Talks

Damien Welcomed me to Maastricht by meeting me at Central Station and showing me the city on the walk to his office. 

13 June 2022


Traveled to Ijmuiden to talk with Sebastian Kind who sees creating music as a form of meditation.

Tune in in September when we go live to hear about the creative aspect of music production. 

25 June 2022

Travelled to Utrecht to with Ladies that UX about collaboration.

17 June 2022

Started conversation with The DNA Network about collaboration.

7 June 2022

Started conversation with UX Nordic about collaboration.

27 June 2022

Design in Focus gets custom domain.
It's getting real.

24 June 2022

Members area added for development. 

10 June 2022

New equipment! Getting ready to make it happen.

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