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Media Kit

Welcome to the media kit page. Here we will publish assets that you may use to create new media with Design in Focus branding. Contact us any time if you wish to have additional content added. When using these assets, it's important to remember that certain assets belong in certain categories such as the symbols for the pillars for example. We will list the categories for your convenience. Aside from the categories, we have different types of contributors. We will add some guidelines here how to best use the assets, you're welcome to play around, providing that you remember the purpose of our work: To Demonstrate the Value and Impact of CID in Business and Society. 


Although it is amazing if you can do all of that, it's of course natural that you may break it into chunks more relevant to you. For example you may choose to demonstrate the value of your speciality in society or demonstrate the impact of your efforts in business. As long as you have some of the elements that make up Design in Focus, you should be good to go. 

Please also note that we are refining the branding. Up until September '22 the focus was on producing a MVP, since we are working on finetuning and tweaking. The brand guidelines will be published once done, up until then there are a few metrics that you can use to align your productions and publications to be inline of what is already set. 

White Accessories


To produce an MVP a very basic logo and name was created. In the future we may change the logo into something more or less like the image to the right and use only the name #CID because now Design is taking the lead but we would like to also have equal focus on creative and innovation. 

For now please use the logos below. 

Design in Focus symbol (1).jpg