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Companies can lose millions if they fail to optimize user experience. UX is the customer's experience navigating a company's site and it directly affects that company's bottom line. To create a user friendly website that allows customers to easily access a company's products and/or services, companies should consider usability as well as UX.

There are four main phases in the UX process. 

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Within these four phases we focus on three core metrics.

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User research is very important for several reasons. First, it provides a way to gather data about what users want in your product. User research results can guide decisions about a new product's features and functionality. Understanding your users allows you to focus on their needs and what they expect from your products. A great user research program can also be used effectively to inform marketing efforts as well as design new products or features.


Data-driven design makes products more intuitive and convenient for users. It's a methodology that blends market research and customer insights with quantitative analysis to shape interfaces, interactions, and experiences that gather feedback from real-world use.

Inteligent design is at the heart of UX design, and you'll find that it yields better results. 



As more and more companies begin to implement a formal user experience process, the competitive advantage of providing superior service continues to grow. Satisfying customers isn’t just good business, it’s good design. People are using websites and apps to order food, reserve tickets, talk to friends and pay bills online. Companies need to focus on usability for good reason: websites and apps that are difficult to use drive users away.

These metrics can be perfected by developing the ten building blocks of a website.

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These ten building blocks centre around six features of UX: Findability, Accessibility, Desirability, Usability, Credibility and Usefulness. 


To easily rank well in search engines, it's a good idea to take a critical look at the findability of your website. You may think that people who are searching for your product or service will automatically be able to find you online, but that is not always the case. Even if you have been online for a while and have had good rankings, search algorithms change frequently and can now impact your search results.


Making your website accessible to everyone is essential for making sure everyone can navigate and enjoy your website easily. However, creating an accessible website is not an easy task especially with the numerous Web Standards and technologies involved.


 Desirability is the desire to use a product or service, based on its properties and benefits. To create a design that people desire there must be something in the design that makes it desirable. I call this a desire trigger - something in the design that creates the desire to use it. Knowing what triggers desire can inspire a designer to add features and functionality to the end-user product, which will enhance its desirability. 


An easy-to-use website is one that has been carefully thought out and tested. This includes presenting information in a way that makes sense to the user, providing clear navigation between pages of a site without unnecessary steps or page refreshes, and including an appropriate layout, design and color scheme to support usability. Well designed sites are usable.


Have you ever visited a website and didn't feel comfortable giving them your information? Perhaps they looked like they were built by a high school student, or maybe had some conflicting information somewhere. If your visitors to your site aren't confident that you're credible and reliable, then you won't be making many sales.


What information does your user need? Is it easy for users to complete the tasks that they set out to do on your site? Is there content that can be streamlined or done away with? What if you experienced a slow connection speed and tried to search for something online?

StormCIS focuses on creating comfortable user experiences for any website or mobile application. Passionate about web development as well as using design, animations and branding to create an experience that gives your product a personality. Whether you need a completely new website or upgrades to an existing site, let's talk.

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