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A network serving UX professionals in the Randstad region. We organise UX and related events monthly, and offer some tools on this portal. 

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We organise network events which you can find below, and we also have an UX calendar page where everyone is welcome to add their events to the listing page. The aim is to create an engaging UX industry for professionals in the Randstad. 

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Through collaboration we can accomplish so much more. For those who collab with us and who talk, present or discuss UX at our events, we create info pages where you can learn more about them and get in touch. 

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Notice Board

At the end of this page you will find the Randstad UX notice Board. Here every UX professional can post notices to their peers. Share career opportunities, post meetup or hangout invitations, and any other notice worthy posts. If this takes off, we will create a seperate page for it.   

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Orientation Page

On the Orientation page you can find all the ways to get active in the network, from subscribing to the newsletter, to taking the stage out events and even other UX events.

get involved with Randstad UX

Aside from personal professional growth, companies and organisations can sign up to host events, sponsor us or our speakers to show dedication to UX professionals. While sponsoring and donations will make the most impact in enabling us to deliver value to UX professionals and industry, we get that sometimes it's good to get something in return for our money. That's why we have a merchandise line with some cool UX & R'UX related designs.


Get yourself some high quality designer fashion with our graphics printed on them. We get a commision of about 10% which we use to strengthen the network. It's not much but if cool people wear our merch, we gain some visibility. P.s We have a line that we would like to use to gift to our speakers and presenters. For the more generous folk out there, you would be a super star if you gifted a speaker with one of these. 

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You are exceptional graphic ux
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RUXcited graphic on Randstad UX by Candice Storm
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Following us on LinkedIn is a great way to stay in the loop. We share news and content and invite you to use the page to post your relevant UX material too. If your inbox cant handle any more subscriptions and you do not want to subscribe, then LinkedIn is a great way to find out about UX activities in the Randstad. 

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Platform Group

In this platform you can request to become a member and then join our Network group where we can have discussions and share media, as well as network with peers.

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Find us on Facebook too. Btw, know someone who wants to gain experience as a social media manager? We are on the hunt for a volunteer who would like to add to their portfolio. With our limited resources Facebook is not very active, neither is Insta or TikTok! Help us build please :D

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If you would like to reach us, we are only an email away.

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Design in Focus Home 

This network is a flagship network of Design in Focus. Design in Focus is a multimedia channel & professional platform serving to discover and demonstrate the value and impact of CID in business and society. CID, Creative, Innovation, Design. On the professional platform, Design in Focus lists global CID networks & communities, and also enable professionals to start building networks & communities like this one, either as an individual or as part of the Design in Focus organisation. 

Subscribe to our Newsletter. 

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