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Networks & Communities

All around the world Creative | Innovators | Designers are building networks and communities surrounding their passions. Join them!

Networks & Communities are the backbone of the CID Professional Growth Sector.

To enable CID professionals to unite and connect with likeminded people who share interests, professions, industries ot topics, regionally or globally, we have created the Networks & community area. We tackle tis in three main ways.

  1. Networks & Community List.

    The list contains networks & communities that have been added to date, when you click on read more, you find an info page with

    more details. In general details can be added to the list by anyone and not all the entities on the list are connected to Design in Focus.

  2. Networks & Communities experience portals 2 ways.

    1. We create experience portals for existing entities that we collaborate with such as Ladies that UX,

    2. We create experience portals for new entities who use the Design in Focus platform to create, manage or organise their networks and communities.

      1. The entity can be fully independent, using their own brand and tools. E.g, and experience portal with external links to Meetup, Slack, Concord or whatever other platform they may wish to use.

      2. The entity can be partially independent, using their own brand and tools as well as using some of our tools for example groups or events, or creating multimedia with us about their efforts.

      3. The entity can be a division, sister, pipeline, specific topic, region, language or interest group of the Design in Focus brand. For example the network RANDSTAD UX (R'UX) has been created as a regional interest group part of the design category of Design in Focus. Although it has a branded experience, the brand was developed using the Design in Focus media kit. R'UX has monthly meetups which are published on the design in focus events page and content such as presentations and talks by the network is added to the galleries. Additionally there is also a linked group in which members can have discussions, share media, view events and network with each other. Furthermore the presenters and speakers are listed under our factions list.

  3. Design in Focus Groups CID professionals may choose to create a group based on their existing networks & communities, or they may use the groups to start their own networks and communities. There are also three groups dedicated to networks and communities where members may share interesting networks and communities links and info.

For those who wishes to start their own network or community on our platform, and those who would like to start chapters of Design in Focus in their region, either as Founders who play a role as Managing Director, or as Multimedia Maker, you can easily signup and get started by visiting out onboarding section.

You may visit this page to learn more about Founders & Makers.

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