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Your company's corporate identity is more than just a logo. Corporate Identity Design delivers integrated and comprehensive visual solutions for all your business needs with bundled elements, including stationery templates, presentation templates, and e-newsletter templates – all designed to work together so you'll have what you need when you need it.

To see a living example of our Corporate Identities in action please checkout Design in Focus, the entire concept from start to finish is designed and managed by StormCID. 



StormCIS 360° Identity Design is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses build their identity, brand and deliver value that meet the requirements of their target market.


We can develop creative solutions from initial concepts to details on your logo, website design and web content, business cards and stationery, delivery vehicles and signage. 


When you're communicating with a global audience, consistency is key. It's harder to build trust through branding when your customers are presented with inconsistent information, logos, or other brand elements across multiple channels. StormCIS works with clients to create look and feel standards throughout everything we produce. A style guide serves as a catalog of reusable graphics, ensuring they're used correctly and consistently each time.



Identify the critical components of your business or brand that you need to communicate consistently across channels.  Developing a design system provides you with the building blocks to produce quality content consistently across all mediums,(web/mobile/print/video).

Get in touch and let's start building your bespoke design system.

StormCIS-corporate-identity-design-the 8-pillars-of-corporate-identity-ci-language-communi
StormCIS corporate identity design the 8 pillars of corporate identity ci language communication logo behavior mission vision culture and design designed by candice storm experience designer amsterdam


Every business needs a logo. They convey important information and will help to acquire new customers, create an identity within your industry, and establish trust in your company.

image of  a fashionable man representing behavior in corporate identity stormcis



A solid knowledge of behavior psychology can help you create stronger and more creative marketing messages when starting a business or revising your existing messages.


Good corporate language is essential to the success of your company. It lets employees know who you are, what you stand for, and what you value. It shapes company culture, fills workplace silence with positive messages, and gives employees an easy way to say the right thing in any situation.

storm troopers stormcis corporate identity mission


Mission statements provide clarity. A well-written mission statement can inspire people to work together toward a clearly defined goal, solidifying the company's identity and providing a sense of place to those working within its walls.



Is your company ready to develop a vision statement? Take your ideas and create a statement that will motivate employees to work toward achieving the vision.

creative hands reaching out to visualise design in corporate identity stormcis



Create bespoke, multi-channel digital experiences with a consistent voice, tone and look across multiple touchpoints, using style guides and design systems. 


Building a strong company culture can be crucial to the success of any organization. Strong company culture helps an organization create passion, trust and loyalty within its employees, which are all values critical to fostering productivity, innovation and creativity.


Communication doesn't just happen. We help companies build strong and meaningful communication with their customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders.


StormCIS specializes in corporate identity, creative direction, campaigns and digital strategies that make your employees feel more engaged and your stakeholders excited about your brand. StormCIS can support you with strategy, design and activation.



A corporate identity strategy aims to create a distinctive and autonomous market presence that is highly recognizable. Purpose, consistency, emotion, flexibility, employees involvement, customer loyalty & competitive awareness are all elements that a good strategy can elevate through various initiatives such as a brand audit & stakeholder analysis.


Logo, packaging, colours & palette, typography, style guides, design systems, stationary, marketing material, social media, digital products, infographics, newsletters and websites are some of the key deliverables produced by StormCIS. 



Having high quality, strategically superior designs alone is not enough.  Activate through creating world class experiences  through multimedia channels such as web, tv and print, live events, competitions, give-aways,  advertising, marketing, and promotions. 

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