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Watch and share CID professionals & Industry video content right here.  Come back frequently to see more videos as we explore the value and impact of CID in business and society on Design in Focus.

#DesignForTomorrow - Design with Care - Alex Bilstein & Jason Rutherford

#DesignForTomorrow - Design with Care - Alex Bilstein & Jason Rutherford

Design with Care The good, the bad, and the ugly working as a UX designer in healthcare In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare user experience (UX) design, striking the balance between innovation and patient-centricity is an art that requires a deep understanding of the industry's unique challenges. Join us for a stimulating conversation, "Design with Care: The good, the bad, and the ugly as a UX designer in healthcare," where two seasoned industry experts, Alex Bilstein and Jason Rutherford, will share their combined 20+ years of insights and experiences. There will also be time for Q&A at the end. The Good: Celebrating Patient-Centric Triumphs Discover positive stories where UX design has made a profound impact on patient care, creating streamlined experiences that enhance engagement, empower users, and contribute to positive health outcomes. Alex and Jason will share real-world experiences that highlight the power of empathetic design. The Bad: Navigating Complex Challenges Healthcare presents a labyrinth of regulatory hurdles, data privacy concerns, and interoperability challenges that can confound even the most seasoned UX designers. Our speakers will candidly discuss the pitfalls they've encountered, sharing cautionary tales of projects that went astray due to misaligned priorities, inadequate research, or underestimating the human element in healthcare technology. The Ugly: Lessons from Setbacks and Failures Failure is often the most potent teacher. Alex and Jason will bravely unveil instances where their designs faced unexpected roadblocks, providing invaluable insights into how the healthcare UX landscape can be unforgiving and unpredictable. By exploring these less glamorous moments, attendees will gain a deep appreciation for the resilience and adaptability demanded of healthcare UX professionals. ------------------------------- Speakers Alex Bilstein Alex is an experienced UX professional who has been designing, building, and shipping digital solutions for almost twenty years. For the past decade, he’s focused on improving the healthcare experience by leading cross-functional teams and delivering human-centered solutions at companies ranging from small startups to large enterprises. Now he’s reimagining blood testing with the BetterWay team at Babson Diagnostics, and building a community for UX designers working in healthcare at Design with Care. Jason Rutherford Jason’s career as a designer spans more than two decades. A trained artist, Jason gravitated towards digital design early in his career and then discovered his calling as a user experience designer. Today, as Senior Principal UX Designer at Optum, he is leading design efforts across numerous teams supporting a diverse body of users in the healthcare domain.
RUX MO October with Angela Madsenn

RUX MO October with Angela Madsenn

Ang Madsen Information architect and UX'er Learn more : ------------------------------------------------ Contextualizing Cognitive Behavior Environment Shell in Angela Madsen's Who-ness Model Are you curious about cutting-edge developments in cognitive behavior modeling? Do you want to explore a holistic, adaptable, and functional approach to understanding human behavior? Join us for an thought provoking event where we dive deep into Angela Madsen's "Who-ness" model! Introducing the Who-ness Model: Get ready to discover the first shell of a model of cognitive behavior meticulously designed to be holistic, variable, fungible, and functional across a broad range of applications. Angela Madsen's approach to understanding human behavior will leave you inspired and intrigued. Conceptualizing the Human Experience: Explore how the Who-ness model is uniquely tailored to encompass the full breadth of our human experience. Gain insights into how this approach considers the intricate web of factors that shape our behavior, providing a more comprehensive understanding. Complexity and Wholeness: Each shell/nested node within the Who-ness model represents a complexity in its own right. While these components are chunked for ease of cognitive processing, they are ultimately intended to function as an integrated whole. Discover how this interconnectedness is revolutionizing the way we perceive cognitive behavior. This event is brought to you by R'UX as a free community offering. Join fellow enthusiasts, professionals, and learners in a dynamic and inclusive environment to discuss, question, and collaborate on this exciting new paradigm in cognitive behavior modeling. Come and be a part of the journey to unravel the complexities of human cognition and behavior. Mark your calendar, invite your networks, and get ready for an engaging and thought-provoking evening at the intersection of psychology, technology, and the human experience!
#DesignforTomorrow - Playfulness as a Tool to boost Design Thinking & Ideas Generation- Carla Traini

#DesignforTomorrow - Playfulness as a Tool to boost Design Thinking & Ideas Generation- Carla Traini

Embrace Playfulness: Ignite Your Design Thinking and Unleash Creative Genius Discover the transformative power of playfulness in design as Carla, a visionary design expert, takes the stage to explore "The Role of Playfulness as a Tool to Boost Design Thinking and Ideas Generation." This inspiring talk is your gateway to unlocking boundless creativity and elevating your design process to new heights. Learn more : ---------------------------------------------- Carla Traini Design mentor | Experience Designer | Director of Design - frog Nederland Carla is a Communication Designer with a curious mind and a passion for cultural diversity. She brings a unique perspective to her work. As Director of Design of the Netherlands design team at frog, a global human-centered design consultancy, Carla is at the forefront of shaping innovative design solutions that truly make a difference. Learn more : ---------------------------------------------- Design for Tomorrow Summer 2023 This summer we are focusing on everything design can do for humanity. Initially this awareness week was planned for the Netherlands only, but we are already collaborating with connections in the US, UK, Brazil and India, and have now started reaching out to an international network of UX pros from every corner of the world. The theme spans the entire summer, but we are actively working on condensing as much as possible into one week, the week of the 21st of August for maximum impact. Well, that was the plan. But due to the amazing response from professionals, one week is not enough to contain all the events, and so now we have the Design for Tomorrow Awareness Weeks! Learn more : ---------------------------------------------------- Made possible by A. Design in Focus : B. Randstad UX : C: Sprintlab : Big thank you to Nadine Niehaus.
#DesignForTomorrow - Helping Whales Save the World with Erik Roskam