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CID stands for Creative | Innovation | Design.


These three categories are at the heart of our human experience and is in most cases responsible for the enjoyment of it. These categories present those who make things, in all the ways they make it, form digital to conceptual to physical. 

Skilled craftsmanship employing any or all of these topics often yields the most useful, loved, products and services that not only serves so improve business and economy, but that becomes indispensable aspects of our existential states as humans beings that form society. 

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Creativity is a vital part of any business and has a powerful effect on the economy. Creativity can be found in every aspect of our lives, from how we operate businesses to how we live our lives. It is a powerful tool for problem solving and innovation, which can help drive growth in any industry or market.

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Innovation is the process of introducing new ideas, products, or services into a market. Innovation leads to new ways of doing things, which can be applied in both business and society.

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Design is important to business, society, and the individuals who make up those groups. Designers help create products that are functional, beautiful, and useful. They also help create services that are more efficient and effective than they were before.

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