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Carla Traini

Carla Traini

Design mentor | Experience Designer | Director of Design - frog Nederland

Carla Traini
Carla Traini
Carla Traini
Carla Traini
Carla Traini
Carla Traini

About Carla

Carla is a Communication Designer with a curious mind and a passion for cultural diversity. She brings a unique perspective to her work. As Director of Design of the Netherlands design team at frog, a global human-centered design consultancy, Carla is at the forefront of shaping innovative design solutions that truly make a difference.

Originally from Italy, Carla was adopted by France, where she spent 10 years honing her skills in branding, brand strategy, visual design, and storytelling for various design agencies in Paris. Her international experiences have given her a keen understanding of different cultures and a flair for creating designs that resonate globally.

Carla's fascination with humans and her people-first approach sets her apart. She is not just a designer, but also a life coach for creative thinkers and rebellious minds. Carla's impact extends beyond the design realm. She has mentored several start-ups and young designers shaping their role in the world of design.


Panel 21 August

Talk 31 August

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