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Here is what you should know about the podcast structure on Design in Focus. We hope this information helps you prepare for our session(s).


  • Podcasts can be audio and or video format, your choice. 

  • You may participate in a one and done or return as a regular. 

  • If you choose, we create an experience page with your details and content we produce together. 

  • Either way, start by first registering through filling out the form. 


  • We arrange a conversation to talk about and plan the session(s)

  • We set the date and time

  • We record.


We record the session(s) in Zoom. It's free to download here

Below we have added some video and photo backgrounds that you may download and use if you would like to.  We would suggest using one of them for the purpose of maintaining a well designed look.  It is optional and you may keep your own backgrounds as you like.  Only relevant for video recording. 


Industry talks follow the same structure. 

We use the journalistic standard of 5W1H together with a short summary and a question about the value and impact of topic to #CID.

5W1H -> Who -> What -> Why -> Where -> How

This is just a general outline and some questions may not be applicable, but this standard is a good way to prepare answers in a way that people can understand. 

The requested summary is used to create a short teaser before publishing which we create for marketing purposes and to grab attention on the topic, so that people will want to go listen to the full episode. 

Our main goal is to demonstrate the value and impact of CID, therefore it would be great if you have demonstrable answers such as facts and figures or cases you can talk about. 


For the human experience we would like to hear you as a persona talk about CID topics that have had meaningful and rewarding impact for you, so the format is quite open and you can lead the conversation as you like, providing it relates to CID. 


During The Dream Team Roundtable sessions we tackle a topic as a group of people and try to solve or improve it. 


In the Darkside of the Force sessions we again make use of the 5W1H method, with the final question What can we do about it? or How do we improve it?


It may take a couple of weeks for us to prepare the podcast.

Once we have a final version we send it to you for approval. Once you approve it, we sign a contract containing information such as agreements to how we may use it, channels where it will be published, and other legal requirements. 


When we receive the signed contract we publish the works and share relevant links with you. 

We would recommend that you share the links within your networks so that we can get more listeners to our content. 


#cid #creative #innovation #design

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