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SUX - The Sustainable UX Network

SUX - The Sustainable UX Network


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We are SUX, a community of more than 3000 designers worldwide.

SUX - The Sustainable UX Network


Together we want to discuss, develop and exchange ideas on how we can promote and facilitate sustainability in and through our creative work.


SUX was founded 2021 by a group of designers led by Thorsten Jonas with the idea to develop a playbook to drive sustainability in UX and through UX, based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN and non-profit - for the community and with the community. Meanwhile SUX grew from a project to an ongoing initiative and global community of (UX-)designers from all over the world.


We realized, that working on Sustainability and Sustainable UX cannot be just one project. Instead it is an ongoing way that maybe never ends. But we also see, that it is worth going it. Because we have the power and can be an impact- in our daily work and through it.


"Making Sustainability Default in all Design Processes" is our mission.

#DesignForTomorrow - Sustainable UX with Stine Ramsing & Thorsten Jonas - Randstad UX ft SUX - The Sustainable UX Network
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