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Candice Storm

Identity Experience Design


11 Years experience in broad selection of industries with a focus on Identity and experience. Designing 360° visual comms including Omni-channel, Multimedia , Marketing, and Branding.



CID | Creativity | Innovation | Design | Brand | Creative Project Management | UX | Design Process | Innovation | Digital Presence | 


What is CID?


The foundation of almost everything that touches human life in all areas of existence. That's a lot right? How to dig into all of that? Well, I suppose , the first step would be defining it. 

  • Defining Creativity

  • Defining Innovation

  • Defining Design


What is it and how does it relates to different topics of CID?

Stay tuned as I unravel these questions in the following weeks and after when I validate findings and question value and impact of CID in Business & Society. 

I would love to hear your opinions and will take the best ones and showcase them in a video montage about the value and impact of CID. If you would like to add yours, please become a member and respond on the thread, or send me an email with a video of no more than 3 minutes. 


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  • stormcis


There are two types of experience portals. The page you are on is a bespoke experience portal and every element is uniquely designed. These are great for when there is not a lot of changes, as we currently do not have enough resources to create unique pages for every interaction. Next to this we have standard experience portals which are created with a template and populated with content as it is added. These are great for when there are no additional requirements for components beyond what is currently active. On the standard pages modules become visible once populated with data which means that we only need to upload the content once for it to appear in the galleries and experience portals. 

To see more about what I have been up to, you may visit my standard experience portal on which you will find all my media. I chose to keep both because the original is a kind of starting point which can be weighed against where I am now. This page is not visible anywhere on the most recent work, so if you are here, you probably followed a link shared a while ago or through media on this page. 

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