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Alex Bilstein

Director of User Experience
- Babson Diagnostics

This summer Alex talks about Healthcare UX

Alex Bilstein
Alex Bilstein
Alex Bilstein
Alex Bilstein

About Alex

I'm a user experience designer who has been shipping digital solutions for almost twenty years. For the past decade, I've focused on improving the healthcare experience by leading cross functional teams and delivering human-centered solutions. Now I'm reimagining blood testing with the BetterWay team at Babson Diagnostics and building a community for UX designers working in healthcare at Design with Care.

About the event

Are you passionate about the intersection of design and healthcare? Whether you're an experienced UX designer seeking to delve into the healthcare realm, a newcomer to the field of UX design, or a healthcare professional considering a career shift, this event has insight and advice for you. Through experience gained in startups, healthcare systems, and enterprise healthcare businesses, this event aims to inspire, educate, and guide individuals looking to make a difference through their design expertise. We'll share what it's like to work as a healthcare UX designer and provide practical advice on entering or pivoting to this space and making an impact on the future of healthcare.

Explore healing potential in healthcare UX design with Director of User Experience, Alex Bilstein, empowering aspiring professionals to create transformative patient and provider experiences.

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This is an initiative by Randstad UX & Design in Focus.

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