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The content behind the link you clicked is either still in development or needs sponsorship.

The idea behind Design in Focus was spontaneously spawned in May and after just three weeks had received positive feedback from 165 people and a handful of groups. Since then I have done as much possible to develop the concept, design and build the digital experience and onboarding others. 


Design in Focus shows a lot of potential but it is still just one person running around right now. If you would like to assist or sponsor us in any way, please scroll down, otherwise, please check back soon or sign up for our newsletter. 

Light and Shadow



We would like to set up a Vimeo account for additional hosting of video content created by Design in Focus. 

We would like the full suite at €70/mo but suitable membership starts at €40/m.  We appreciate any one you choose.


Although international recordings are done via internet, gor local recordings we are travelling to different locations to meet with various participants. 


We can use more equipment especially in the coming weeks when we start recording group sessions. 

We are grateful for any financial donations as well as sponsorship that will help us fill our arsenal.

Also physical goods donation if easy to ship or collect.

Marketing & Advertising

We'd like to grow the network and curate the best information pool in CID. 


We would like to set up a iTunes account for additional hosting of audio content created by Design in Focus. 

We have no apple equipment. If you have an old apple pc or laptop to give away in the Netherlands, please let us know. We need an apple device to post to iTunes.

More Time to dedicate to DiF

It goes without saying, but time not spent making a living can be invested to grow DiF

Hosting & Site Management

It can be costly to host a lot of content and for some content to  be created we also use website features and addons. 

Team Tee's

Not on the emergency list of must haves, but would be nice to have some team merch, especially when we start breaching out. 80-120 Euro pp.


Into the future in a time and space where Design in Focus is all it can be. Around the globe CID people are engaging with other CID people. Local chapters exist in major cities around the globe, and in each chapter there are dedicated people working together to publish great content such as interviews and talks, events locally and globally, uniting different people with different strengths to build new collaborative networks, all while demonstrating the value and impact of CID in industry and society. Big dreams require big investments. And all that is big, is made of a million or billions of smaller parts. To solidify this starting point as a small but significant part, it is important to define it. And here it is, the definitive dream of what can be.


Want to get involved? Send  us an email or call to talk about possibilities.  

Merch Branding

To make our visual appearance uniform across all communication channels.

Platforms & Integrations

Hosting content and adding features to the site adds up. €7/mo here and €11/mo there soon empties the account.

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