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Design for Accessibility

23 March 2023

To create digital products that’s inclusive and accessible is not a subcategory of design. For years, accessibility within digital product development has been perceived as expensive and not really worth the effort based on the market segment it serves. This is and has always been a dire misconception. Every person in the team plays an integral part and small changes can result in big wins.


Not only should designs be inclusive but also ethically sound. With the EU ban on digital dark patterns that’s coming into practice with more restrictive rules, it’s important to keep an eye on how designers can follow these new practices for Ethics on Digital Products. 

marli ritter.jpeg

Marli Ritter

UXD | Inclusive Design & Accessibility

FedEX Amsterdam


Marli Ritter is a UX Designer and Web Accessibility evangelist who started off as a basic web designer in the ‘90s. After 2 decades in the design industry, she’s found her spark in Inclusive Design & Accessibility. She was involved in driving Accessibility initiatives in the design community in South Africa before she relocated to The Netherlands.

William Terra Randstad UX.jpeg

William Terra

Digital Product Designer

Cognizant Amsterdam


William Terra is a Senior Product Designer with experience of 10+ years in the design field. His background on e-commerce has led to his passion for designing products with a mindful and ethical approach which reflects his talk on this event.

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What you will learn in this event
  • What is Inclusive Design?

  • What is Assistive Technology and how does it work?

  • What does the user experience look like from the point-of-view when using Assistive Technology?

  • How you can include best practices for Inclusive Design & Accessibility in your day-to-day routine (without management buy in!)

  • Which dark design patterns are currently common across the web?

  • How can you bring awareness to the use of dark patterns within your team?

  • Seniority:
    - Director, Lead, Sr Designers

  • Job Titles:
    - Head of Design
    - Experience Designer
    - Strategist
    - UX Designer
    - Product Owner
    - Project Manager
    - Business Analyst
    - Data Analyst

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