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26 JANUARY 2023

Interactive Discussion Panel on AI & Ethics

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All the info you need to join us.

Travel & Parking

Address : Thomas R. Malthusstraat 27, 1066 JR Amsterdam

Free parking. Your name must be on the list so please ensure that you confirm your attendance by filling the form. 

If you are using public transport, please note that going to the event is easy, but the bus stops at a certain time and will not be riding when we are done and the walk to the nearest station is 20 minutes. 

If you are coming by car, we would like to ask you a favour and that is to give someone a ride to the metro station after the event. Please let us know if you are willing to do so and we will give you a visible item to wear so that those seeking a lift may recognise you. (probably an armband).  

Arrival & Seating

From 18:30 you may start to enter the building. We will add some pink arrows for you to find your way. Please do not enter private areas of the building. 

Start of interactive discussion

19:00 Welcome and introduction panellists
19:20 Koert Bakker introduction Trends
19:30 Discussion
20:00 Networking

21:00 End of event



You can still join us online if not in person

There will be a live stream as well as a Google call. 

The livestream will be on LinkedIn for you to watch but there will also be a call for you to join the discussion. LinkedIn is ready and we will share the call link ASAP

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