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Show your stuff.


There are a lot of ideas, concepts, talents and skills that can be put to the test and demonstrated.

Our focus points are creative, innovation and design, and we love to demonstrate the value and impact of these three categories.

We funnel across our four pillars, Industry Talks, The Human Experience, The Dream Team Roundtable, and The Darkside of the Force, which enables participants to express themselves in four ways.

The Dream Team Roundtable is our strongest pillar for real life demonstration as we present participants with a challenge, which they have to solve right there and then!

There are six areas to explore and they all provide great ways that are demonstrative in nature.

1. Galleries

All content created in all media forms are added to our four galleries and digital channels. Audio Gallery | Video Gallery | Visio Gallery | Editorial Gallery. Show your stuff, make a podcast in our audio gallery. Get seen, or show a presentation, make video content. A picture is worth a thousand words expressed in our Visual gallery. Wrtie your heart out, publish your editorial content.

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2. Experience Portals

What if a video is not enough, or a single article lacks the capacity to tell a story? For that we have Experience pages. On experience pages entire concepts may be demonstrated.

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3. Events

Events, Events, Events. Not one, not two, but three meeting points for events. Create demonstrative events such as expos, webinars, and how to's.

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4. Members Area

Not only can you network and engage with other members, but you may start a group to demonstrate collectively.

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5.Networks & Communities

All around the world | Innovators | Designers are building networks and communities surrounding their passions. Demonstrate the value of CID in society.

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6. Training & Mentoring

Training & Mentoring made simple, in this area there are many ways to upskill, learn & explore. Demonstrate knowledge through education.

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