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Dream Team 01 Alignment

1. Prepperation

2. Production

3. Review

4. Publication 



Liberty Global Schiphol-Rijk

09 December 2022, 15:30. 

Meeting at the entrance. There is a common area where we can grab a cup of coffee to greet everyone and once we are all there we will head upstairs. Please bring ID as it is a high security building and everyone has to be checked in.  If someone asks, tell them that you're here for the design meeting with Candice Storm.


From Schiphol take bus 181. For a shorter walk, please get out one stop before the Maps suggestion. (Schiphol, Knooppunt Schiphol Zuid, 1437 CE Schiphol-Rijk) Find the bike path and walk along as illustrated on the map below. 

I've included a screenshot with parking for those coming by car. You may park next to the building or at the church for free.


Using the link above, Maps will suggest this route

Active session:

I only have two cameras, that's why I asked you all to bring your laptops so that we can record everyone's faces to. That way we can focus on each person for closeups and also do team shots. 

To start I will open the session with a welcome and introduction. I will ask each of you to give a brief introduction of yourselves no longer than 2 minutes. When you're all done I will announce the challenge, after which you have 15 minutes to discuss it amongst yourselves. During this time you can share your knowledge and ideate. From 16 minutes on you will start "working" on the challenge, discussing ideas and demonstrating how you would go about such a challenge in real life. After the 16 minute mark you will have one 24 minute session and thereafter, if need be, 40 minutes sessions followed by a break between each. This way we can turn the podcast into episodes of 45 minutes each should the session require more time for us to beat the challenge. We are allowed to use the room and building until 19:00. 

After party:

When we are done recording we can go for drinks and food. At the moment I am still working out the details of this and will publish it when we have the details. 


It will take me some time to edit the final video. Once it's complete I will share it with you along with the agreement form that you should have read by now on the participant formalities page.

I will let you listen to it for a few days and then if you approve, you may sign the agreement. Once everyone approves and has signed the agreement, we will publish the podcast. I will publish it on Design in Focus and on all other media platforms we publish on, including youtube and Soundcloud. I will also share it on social and tag you. 

During the review stage, please ensure that you listen carefully and if you would like to change something, please let me know ASAP. Please also make sure that all requests are done as much as possible in one feedback so that I don't have to re-edit over and over. 



a.Teaser A - Announcement - Done

     Image with topic and people. 

b. Teaser B - Participant introduction - Done 

     Image with individual name and text. 

c. Teaser C - Preparing for recording - Monday 12 December 

     Short animation and post that we are preparing for the event. 

d. Teaser D - Announcement successful recording - Monday 12 December 

     A couple of images of the session and text about how it went. 

e. Final video podcast - Monday 19 December

     The final video podcast. 

f. Shorts - 20 - 23, 27 - 30 December

     Short clips containing the best parts of the podcast. We will have one containing everyone,
     and shorts with the best from each individual individually. 

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