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We are still building out the members area. We went live with our platform even before we had all the details mapped. There are a couple of reasons for doing it this way of which we publish in our editorial content in January.  

At the moment what you are part of, is an MVP. As an early onboarder, you have so much more influence than you know. Add your feedback containing all your suggestions, requests and ideas, and we will use them to help shape the platform to be truly a valuable resource for CID professionals. 

We are also creating content in which we demonstrate the potential of the platform and how you can use it. Reach out to us with specific requests and we will create those first. 

Our mission is to demonstrate the Value and Impact of Creativity, Innovation and Design (CID) in Business and Society. Part of doing that is to enable CID professionals to engage in activities that do so too. This is where VIP membership comes in. 

VIP members can publish events.This option is suited to those who create industry events, and those who are organising network & communities that meet.


VIP members can publish editorial content.  This is great for those who would like to publish articles relating to the CID topics and reports. 

VIP members can also publish educational programs. 


Here will appear all the actions you can take on the platform. Some of it is still in development and others in the backlog. Yellow items are ready, and blue items are still to come. 

Apply for VIP membership. 


It doesn't cost a thing and we do not use your information for anything else than enabling you as a creative, innovator and or designer to use the platform.


VIP members get access to part of the CMS (content management system) which enables them to publish articles, events and educational programs. We do want verified and reliable publishers, and so that we can ensure that viewers find quality content, we check that people are who they say they are and not scammers and bots. 



The badges on member profiles tell you more about them and their position on the platform and in the industry. 

Would you like some identifying badges added to your profile? 

Request it here. Please note that some badges are action specific and that they are only assigned accordingly, for example only those who partake in making content on Design in Focus are eligible for a participant badge.

How to make the most out of the platform. 


We are working on content in which we guide you through using the platform to achieve some of the goals on our list.

How to setup your profile. 


We are working on content in which we guide you through setting up your profile so that it matches your goals with the platform and designing some journeys and flows which will give you an understanding of how the different parts connect to each other.



You can add your feedback with suggestions, requests, and reports to the feedback wall. This not only gives us info to better the product, but also develop features that solve more problems. 



On the Q&A page you may post your questions, and we will respond.

Add your network or community. 


For those of you who are interested in using the platform to showcase your network or community, and those of you who are using the platform to publish and manage your own networks and communities, you may add your details and the result will be published here. 

Kimberly Snoyl

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