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There are four categories or pillars that make up Design in Focus. The reasoning behind the four pillars is to include the full scope of activities within CID from as many perspectives as possible and demonstrate the multiplicity of the creative profile. 

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You can request to become a member of our professional platform.  It's free and unlike some other platforms, we don't use your data or personage in any way other than to strengthen the CID professiona and industry.  When your request is approved you can join some of our groups on this topic, or you can create your own. 

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Here are some groups to join.

We have several dedicated groups and groups can be created by our members. We have general interest groups and we have more dedicated groups. We support Networks & Communities by creating groups for them, and we enable CID professionals to create and manage their own groups on the platform, as well as to publish events and live streaming. We also enable Mentors and Trainers to create their own groups and programs. 

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We rely on donations and sponsorship to keep this platform and its efforts alive. We do not want to monetize it because we do not want to go the traditional media route. 


Care to help us make impact?

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