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Lighthouse Towers Beaconing Tomorrow, that is the theme this year. The three towers are Design as it relates to Businesses, Design as it relates to Humanity, and Design as it relates to Nature


Date : 7 October - 22 November
Location : Hybrid - Amsterdam Online

Hi and welcome to your dashboard. Please save this page as important information will be shared here. 

By participating in this initiative you will receive a speaking opportunity, a speaker page with your details and an event page with the details of your speaking event. Below you can control what information appears on your pages.

We will need to align on a few things, for that you may find an alignment link below. Please use it to book our meetings at your convenience. 

Then we start to organise a few things. The Project map will help you find a suited date and time. Therein you will find the six weeks agenda where you can enter your name to claim the slot. 

You will also find a sheet for the predefined panels. We may add more panels depending on suggestion, but for now if you see a panel you would like to take part in, please claim a seat by adding your name. 

On this page you will find more info and resources, which will be updated as we go. 

We will publish the public facing portal at the end of may. It would be great to have all the relevant tasks completed before then. 

This is the Public Facing Details on your Speaker Page

Norman Thomas

Norman Thomas


Strategic digital product and service designer

Nijmegen, The Netherlands


I've been in digital design for about 25 years. Started at in 1999, worked there as a designer and content creative for about 11 years. After that I started my own practice as a digital branding and UX consultant. At the moment I'm the UX lead at IT agency Iquality focussing on getting the quality of our digital solutions to the next level and coaching medior and junior designers.

This is the text that will be used on your Event Page.
*You don't have to write the final copy, only describe the event, unless you already have the perfect description at hand. 

Next, let's talk. 


Organise alignment meetings here. Book anytime to get your event planning under way. Once you've viewed the calendar and claimed your spot, we align to start making it happen. If you have any questions, please contact Candice Storm

Let's schedule your timeslot. 


You can claim your desired spot on the project map. When selecting a date and time for your event, please only choose slots that are empty and do not overwrite any other. 

In the project map you can also claim seats for panels you wish to partake in. 


1. PSD Toolkit - These assets are available to you if you would like to incorporate them into your presentation. Green if it relates to Nature, Pink for Humanity, and Blue for Business.


Do you have any questions? Add them below. 

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