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Randstad UX

Randstad UX

Randstad, Netherlands

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Let's Talk UX

Randstad UX


A network for professionals in the Randstad area. We have monthly meetup events and collaborate with cool companies and organisations.


New monthly meetup for those living in the Randstad area from 21 October '22.  Please visit each event because they can be slightly different from each other. We will always stream them live on the portal, but we will have different venues and the times may vary.  It will always be after work hours and we will always meet somewhere in the Randstad Area.


To stay informed about this professional community group, please signup to become a member on this website and join the group. On the group page you will find the events and info as well as have conversations around it. We will also add photos and galleries as well as more info about the stakeholders of each event.



If you don't want to join this platform, don't worry, you can also find us on LinkedIn page where these events will also be published.


Notice Board

We have a notice board on the page to which you may add notices. Add events, meetups, resources or tools, any interesting information that UX designers in the Randstad should know of. 

Randstad UX x Cognizant Design for Accessibility Network Event Part Two - William Terra : Dark Patterns
RANDSTAD UX January : Ladies that UX x RANDSTAD UX - Design for Good : Ethics & AI Interactive Discussion hosted at PwC with Claudia Müller & Candice Storm ft Cecilia Scolarlo, Marieke Peeters, Koert Bakker & Hans van Dam
RANDSTAD UX December : Reducing Cognitive Load by Tiziana d'Agostino - with Candice Storm
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Candice Storm on Design in Focus
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Candice Storm on Design in Focus
Candice Storm
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