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Design challenge - make this platform accessible

Job Type


Hybrid - You may work fully remote or visit us in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

About the Role

We're searching for volunteers who would like to gain experience in accessible design, by making this platform more accessible


H this platform has been developed to MVP state and there are still much to be done. In the coming months will be focusing on accessible design as one of the key topics that we are dealing with, not only from a general design focus but also as a focus point in much of what we're doing. For example, in our flagship network comair Ranstead, UX, this month, March 2023, our monthly meet up event was held with the theme design for accessibility.

If you would like to gain experience as an accessibility designer, or you would like to partake in building this platform, then this is a good opportunity for you. You can up your game and take it one step further by publishing content around your work here. For example, maybe you would like to actually represent accessibility talk about what you're doing or edit your portfolio you can do all of that using the platform.

There are no rules or set requirements for this role and we encourage anybody to use their own knowledge and ideas to lead the project. Here are a couple of ways that we see it going.

You're new to the world of inclusive design and want to gain some experience, spend some time fixing some of the accessibility issues on this platform added to your CV and you've gained your experience, and I can go apply for the dream job.

You're an expert on accessibility, and you have some free time, or you're just really annoyed by heart inaccessible this platform is, applying your skills and knowledge will surely achieve some goals.

You are dead set and passionate about accessible design. You want to spread the word about it and you want to have conversations. Create an experience portal on which you can add any type of content you like. Start an audio podcast, write editorial content or set up events, you can even publish educational content. On an ultimate level, you can become a board member representing accessible design and as a board member, you can give key insights into how we should be developing this platform to serve that particular topic . You can also actively work on setting up standards and methods and processes to improve, elevate, advance, or create opportunities, or uniting people under that umbrella.

All of these cases would look great on your portfolio, and adds to our mission and vision and the keywords that make up our foundation, the value and impact of CID in business and society. When you take up this role you deliver value and you make impact not only for yourself as a professional, but for other CID professionals. Were there is value and impact, society generates business. This builds our industries and people.


*Volunteering looks good on your resume.

*Sense of purpose

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*We offer to develop you in your desired role.

We have some tasks and assignments for those who would like to help on a small scale like editing one video or designing one element, but we also take bigger steps with those who wish to do more. If you are seeking to upskill and gain experience for a specific role, we can create a trajectory with a time frame and key deliverables.

Here are some excellent reasons listed by Fast Company.


You could work with many new people locally and globally. Not only can you build great relationships, but you can meet the right people at the right time.


All volunteers who choose to be public get to have their own Experience page on which they can tell their story behind their work, demonstrate their skills and talents or what every they would like to have published on it.

Although our roles are currently volunteer based, we will remunerate efforts whenever we have a budget for it.

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