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The Four Suits of UX

A Gamified Workshop Based on the Double Diamond Methodology, the 5 Whys' and a few more that will be revealed during to play to demonstrate the value of these types of tools.

  • Research

  • Strategy

  • Writing

  • Design

About this Workshop

Game play centers around various elements of Design Thinking, using the double diamond as a demonstrative foundation. The exercises and tasks we get to work on is influenced by the outcomes of the games we will be playing, making this a very interactive workshop with many variable take aways. 

Double Diamond Method used in this workshop

Role Play

What is a better exercise in developing empathy than roleplay? That is why we have an option for you to register for this workshop. 

If you do not wish to share your details, then that is okay, we will modify the workshop to be less intense. 

If you are happy to register with your personal details, then your assignments will be more tailored. 

It's your choice. Both are equally welcome, what is most important is that you fun and feel engaged with the tasks we setup for this workshop


Add your details to get your role player cards. All data entered will be wiped and erased after the workshop. No data will be shared with anyone other than the facilitator who is designing the tasks and activities, for only the purpose of creating real life case studies during the workshop for all participants. No personal information will be shared.

Meet your Facilitator

Identity Experience Designer & Founder

Design in Focus groups icon light.png

I was designing Digital UX before I even knew about the word UX. Experience Design is my favourite playground. 

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