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For those who would like to assist on the platform and gain experience.

You wish to make a contribution to DiF, upskill, gain experience, or do a good deed.

Design in Focus is entirely not for profit and all help is highly valued. You can volunteer to help solve some problems, perfect our initial mockups and content, update key areas and focus points or just pitch what ever you think you can help with. As a volunteer you can also use the platform to your advantage. Perhaps you would like to create an experience portal and talk about your proccesses and reasoning behind your contributory work? Maybe you would like to add a training program or publish an article? Sign up as a participant or collaborator to utelize the platform to your full advantage. If you would like to just volunteer, find our volunteer jobs on the jobs page.

We've created a group for our volunteers where we post all the tasks we need help with. You're welcome to join and see if you can lend a hand. If you are able to and would like to focus on something not added to the group, you're welcome to start a post with the topic or feature you would like to work on.

We are also searching for Boardmembers and Embasadors to help grow and sustain the platform and organisation.

Communities & Network Builders
Mentoring & Training
Founders & Makers

Iscriviti alla nostra Newsletter. 

Visita il nostro portale di onboarding per saperne di più sulla partecipazione e sulla creazione di contenuti. 


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