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Stine Ramsing

Stine Ramsing

Freelance UX designer

Stine Ramsing
Stine Ramsing
Stine Ramsing
Stine Ramsing
Stine Ramsing
Stine Ramsing

About Stine

Stine has a bachelor in IT-Productdevelopment and a master in Digital Design and Interactive Technologies. She works as a freelance UX designer, in her company Stine Ramsing Design. As a user experience designer, Stine is interested in how design can give value to users that increase their quality of life, whether it makes their lives more fun, easier, or more meaningful.

Stine has a huge passion for sustainable UX as design have a huge impact on peoples lives. As designers we need to take responsibility for creating positive impact. Therefore she always have a society-centered approach, where she prioritize climate-change, social equality and inclusion.

Why a Sustainable Mindset is Crucial for a UX Designer, and How to Apply It

Welcome to another inspiring event as part of our "Design for Tomorrow" campaign: "Why a Sustainable Mindset is Crucial for a UX Designer, and How to Apply It" featuring the passionate UX designer Stine Ramsing and the founder of the SUX Network Thorsen Jonas.

As designers, we hold the power to shape experiences that impact people's lives on a profound level. Now more than ever, embracing a sustainable mindset is not just an option, but a responsibility we must shoulder. Join us for this enlightening talk by Stine Ramsing, an advocate of Sustainable UX, who firmly believes in the potential of design to create positive impact, centered around climate change, social equality, and inclusion.

What to Expect:

✔️ Insights into the significance of sustainable design in today's world.

✔️ Real-life examples of successful sustainable UX implementations.

✔️ Practical tips and strategies to integrate sustainability into your UX practice.

✔️ Understanding the societal impact of design decisions.

✔️ How to prioritize climate change, social equality, and inclusion in your UX projects.

Why Attend?

As UX designers, our creations touch countless lives, and our decisions can either contribute to a better, more sustainable world or perpetuate harmful practices. Stine Ramsing's deep commitment to sustainable design and her society-centered approach will inspire you to adopt a similar mindset. By attending this event, you will gain invaluable insights and learn actionable techniques to infuse sustainability into every aspect of your UX work.

Who Should Attend?

This event is open to all UX designers who share a passion for creating a positive impact through their designs. Whether you are a seasoned UX professional or just starting your journey, if you believe in the power of design to shape a better future and want to learn how to integrate sustainability into your practice, this event is perfect for you.

Embrace your role as a catalyst for positive change and elevate your UX design skills to address the pressing challenges our world faces today.

In this 1-hour presentation and debate session, Stine will give an introduction to what sustainable UX is, why it is so important to be aware of the impact your design digital products have, and how to apply sustainable design principles in your everyday practice. Thorsten will give an introduction the SUX network and how we as designers can come together to design a better world.

Join us for an empowering session with Stine Ramsing and Thorsen Jonas to discover how to apply a sustainable mindset in your UX design practice. Together, let's pave the way for a better and brighter future!

Find the livestream also on LinkedIn here :

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