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Stefan Barac

Stefan Barac


Stefan Barac
Stefan Barac
Stefan Barac
Stefan Barac
Stefan Barac
Stefan Barac

About Stefan

As a strategic designer, I help companies set goals beyond the monetary ones. Materializing the sustainable purpose delivers more happy customers. This improves the DNA of the company and ultimately improves finances.

The basic rules:

👉🏾 It's about helping people by solving THEIR problem.

👉🏾 Increasing efficiency comes later.

For 15 years my focus has been on accessibility and sustainability:

✅ Accessibility

If 0 out of 10 users can access my offer, how much revenue will it drive?

🌱 Sustainability

How many orders will companies receive if 0 out of 10 users find value in the offer?

That's why I submit myself to human and planet centred approaches.The main focus here is on ethical design.

And users come first.

About the Event

A11Y (Accessibility), Usability and Inclusion: I talk about the differences, concerns and added values of these areas. They have one thing in common: all people benefit from them!

Here is a list of links, reads and follow-ups

ABC of experience starts with Accessibility | LinkedIn
ABC of experience starts with Accessibility | LinkedIn
A11Y (Accessibility), Usability and Inclusion: I talk about the differences, concerns and added values of these areas. They have one thing in common: all people benefit from them! 👉🏾 80% Fails Today's products, services and strategies claim to deliver according to the Parreto principle. That is, to provide a solution with 20% effort for 80% of the target group. This is wrong! To even motivate 80% users, it needs almost 100% accessibility! Today's product and service teams fail at that. We try to serve people in far too segmented a way! 👉🏾 External vs. Internal Let's take into account all factors that affect people from inside as well as from outside. Then we have a realistic chance of approaching 100%. 👉🏾 Long-term, Medium-term and Short-term Limitations in accessibility are long, medium or short term. Depending on the circumstances that affect us, we are all disabled! 👉🏾 Permanent, reducible and reversible There are ways and means to make life easier for disabled people! We need to build tools that accelerate the reduction and reversal of disability! 👉🏾 cognitive load Assumptions that most users are too limited turned out to be correct! Cognitive load acts on our nervous system. This gives, or takes away, our freedom to play to our greatest mental capabilities. Cognitive load causes even people with an IQ of +130 to fail. Digitalisation and automation need more care, openness and humility! Because we are all disabled at certain points in time.

"How to" collection in relation to A11Y Testing

False A11Y claims debunked

A11Y laws and policies listed by countries

A candid and practical handbook for designers by Sheri Byrne-Haber

WHO World report on disability

Basic collection of information on

- What disabilities are

- How persons with disabilities are excluded in today's everyday life.

- The costs for the individual behind it

business case of A11Y

W3ORG the new standard WCAG 2.2 guidelines

What's new in this compared to the older versions WCAG 2.1 & 2.0

Beginners' checklist for implementing an A11Y compliance program

Developers' and designers' fundamentals to begin an A11Y journey

Accessibility courses

Details on colour blindness variations

sustainability developmental goals in the focus of A11Y:

Good health and wellbeing

Gender equality

Reduce inequalities

Monitoring health for the SDGs

A collection of sub-groups of sustainability development goals (8 out of 17) with the main focus on #3 SDG human health and wellbeing

Another Checklist on what to focus your next A11Y testing on

U7Y (Usability)

A study on how users held their mobile devices up to 2013

An accumulation of usability, accessibility and design focussed topics and people - free talks, studies and how to guides


A study on gender and race discrimination in machine learning algorithms

Toolkit to make the step from A11Y to inclusion

literature on A11Y that I love
  • Anna Jean Ayres / sensory integration and the child / 1972

  • David J. Lynden / Unique / 2020

  • Caroline Criado Perez / Invisible Women / 2019

People & Podcasts to follow
  • Miriam Nabinger - digital accessibility trainer

  • Charly Triplett - accessibility manager

  • Inka Ilona Taagehøj - inclusive by design

  • Miro Dietiker - A11Y

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