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Marli Ritter

Marli Ritter

UXD | Inclusive Design & Accessibility
- FedEx

Marli Ritter
Marli Ritter
Marli Ritter
Marli Ritter
Marli Ritter
Marli Ritter

About Marli

Marli Ritter is a UX Designer and Web Accessibility evangelist who started off as a basic web designer in the ‘90s. After 2 decades in the UX & Design industry, she’s found her spark in Inclusive Design & Accessibility. She was involved in driving Accessibility initiatives in the design community in South Africa before she relocated to The Netherlands. Marli believes education is an essential requirement for building an inclusive and accessible digital future. She has written accredited course material for design qualifications and authored a UX book called ‘UX for the Web’ (available on Amazon).

Marli is also a great source of inspiration for the Randstad UX professional network and presented in March on Accessibility, and she can be found from time to time hanging out at the R'UX events.


Summer Event

🌟 Unlock the Power of Inclusive Design: Join Our Inclusive Workshop - Accessibility in Practice! 🌟

Embrace a Future of Limitless Possibilities: An Inclusive Workshop Tailored for Product Visionaries.

Dear Visionary Professionals,

In a world driven by innovation and progress, the key to unlocking limitless potential lies in inclusive design. Be part of an extraordinary workshop, "Accessibility in Practice," meticulously crafted for product visionaries like yourself.

🎯 Purpose of the Workshop:

✔️ Ignite Accessibility Awareness Across Your Organization

✔️ Foster Inclusive Design Practices for Maximum Impact

✔️ Empower Your Team with Guidelines and Tools to Drive Unprecedented Innovation

👨‍💼 Who Should Attend? While this workshop welcomes professionals from all functions within the product team, it has been thoughtfully designed to resonate with visionaries in various roles, including:

✔️ Designers

✔️ Developers

✔️ Product Owners

⏱️ Duration: 120 minutes (2 hours) - An investment of time that redefines the future of your product development.

⏰ Time Breakdown: 19h00 - Introduction to Accessibility (40 minutes) 19h40 - Practical Session (60 minutes) 20h40 - Group Share and Discussions (20 minutes) 21h00 - Event Concludes

Step into an environment that fuels groundbreaking innovation and forward thinking:

✔️ Exclusive setting to inspire strategic discussions

✔️ Upscale seating arrangements for optimal comfort and sophistication

✔️ Prestigious venue reflecting your organization's commitment to excellence

During this workshop, our expert Marli will guide attendees through the seamless integration of accessibility best practices into your product development process. The result? A future-proofed approach that unlocks new possibilities and empowers your team to create extraordinary user experiences.

Join us on this transformational journey toward a more inclusive and impactful future! Together, let's shape a digital world that embraces diversity and empowers every individual.


March Event Recording

In March 2023 Marli presented at the Cognizant x Randstad UX Design for accessibility event.

Download Marli's presentation :

Inclusive design & Accessibility - March 2023
Download PDF • 11.65MB


Here is our favourate photo of Marli which was taken at the Randstad UX Sky Lounge Network Cocktails event in June featuring a group of Ladies (that UX) who are fiercely passionate about accessiblity and Inclusivity

If you miss her events, you're missing out.

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