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Lieke Beelen

Lieke Beelen


About Lieke

With a background in Industrial Design Engineering (MSc. Design for Interaction at Delft University of Technology) Lieke has worked as a service/UX designer and researcher in many different contexts. Since 2015 she is focusing on the legal sector to create access to law and access to justice by facilitating lawyers and designers to work together from a Legal Design Thinking perspective. In June 2017 she launched the platform Visual Contracts which offers all the tools and materials to learn how to create visual contracts. With her team she is now developing AI assisted SaaS for business professionals and legal counsels to create understandable contracts.

Contribution to Legal Tech

With a legal design thinking approach Lieke pushes for legal tech to become more human centered. With her company Visual Contracts she helps change the mindset in legal innovation first towards a more human centered approach before focusing on the automation and technology element of legal tech innovation. This makes Visual Contracts' 'Canva for contracts' a unique tool in the legal tech industry, focused on user centricity and understandable legal content first.

UX design and visual thinking

Lieke loves exploring user’s contexts and learning more about their daily lives. The insights she gains from the explorations in all kinds of contexts are key for designing clear, simple and engaging products and services that enrich people’s quality of life. She believes an holistic approach is needed to reach relevant design by taking into account the experiences and needs of all stakeholders involved.

Social impact, privacy by default, fair patterns and ethics in design

Lieke's passion is to work towards an equal, just and flourishing world. In order to achieve that she believes ethics, fair patterns and privacy by default are essential in every product or service. The overal between tech, law and design is therefore also a field she continuously learns from and brings together, above all in the development of Visual Contracts' software.

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