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Laura Korculanin

Laura Korculanin

Founder Give a Shit/Design anthropologist/Regeneration consultant

Laura Korculanin
Laura Korculanin
Laura Korculanin
Laura Korculanin
Laura Korculanin
Laura Korculanin

About Laura

Laura Korčulanin is a pioneer design anthropologist, water steward and regenerative systems innovator empowering and co-creating impactful projects and solutions for a thriving planet. With over 15 years of international professional experience in impact innovation and sustainability collaborating with diverse sectors she has paved the way for recognition of quality research and design anthropology, UX and sustainability in Europe as part of the lead and direction board of Applied Anthropology Network EASA.

In 2009 Laura founded Give a Shit, a regenerative innovation agency focusing on integrated water solutions and sanitation in urban environments. Laura is finishing her PhD in Sustainable Design and preparing a strategic design policy for integrated urban water governance. She is a mentor of individuals and successful startups always aiming to integrate nature as the main stakeholder in her work and life-centered principles in her holistic solutions.

About the Event

The following session will dive deeper into future of design as game changing discipline for the world inhabit. Susatinable lense and regenerative principles of designing a better future will be our main discussion points as well as concrete practical examples and case studies on how to bring further this frameworks within your work.

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