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Hadar Yonna

Hadar Yonna

The Strategic Role of Startup Designers

Hadar Yonna
Hadar Yonna
Hadar Yonna
Hadar Yonna
Hadar Yonna
Hadar Yonna

About Hadar

With over 15 years of expertise in creating user experiences, Hadar's background as an architect overseeing large projects became a pivotal force in shaping her strategic approach to design. Her deep understanding of structural integrity, form, and function was not just applicable to architecture; she translated these principles into the tech world. Her unique approach has enabled her to transform platforms used by millions, addressing multifaceted user challenges across various domains with precision and insight. In her former role as the Design Manager at's Strategic Partnerships department, Hadar applied her strategic mindset to improve products, internal processes, and workflows significantly.

Her development of strategic design frameworks and tools has proven essential in supporting designers, enabling them to push forward their design agendas within their organizations and overcome challenges that stem from misunderstandings about design capabilities. Fueled by a commitment to bring her strategic insights to a broader audience, Hadar founded Design Jab. This initiative targets ambitious startups aiming to optimize, innovate, accelerate, and amplify their products. But Hadar's vision extends further; her strategic approach aims to impact lives and eradicate everyday issues beyond mere product design. Her understanding of the vital role strategic thinking plays in design guides her work, leading companies toward solutions that are not only innovative but also meaningful and impactful.

About the event

The Strategic Role of Startup Designers:Boost Your Creative Process with a Strategic Mindset, Propelling Innovation to New Heights

Dear fellow designers, product managers, and creative thinkers, In my years of design experience, I've seen how design has evolved into a profound strategic tool that can ignite innovation and growth. My passion is to help you open up new possibilities through your product design work. If you're eager to explore a new dimension of design that's more strategic and can significantly improve your work, then this 90-minute interactive session is for you.

Learn how a focus on strategic design serves as the catalyst for innovation.

Explore the common obstacles that arise when the product lacks a design strategy.

Discover the skills you need to acquire to become more strategic in design and see how this approach can elevate your products and career.

Special Invitation:

During our session, you'll gain free access to our exclusive assessment tool, enabling you to identify your strategic strengths and weaknesses. You'll receive a tailored report with areas for improvement and actionable insights that you can apply immediately. I'm thrilled to offer this unique opportunity, which is sure to enrich your work. The future of design is bright, and it's calling for strategic thinkers. I hope to see you at our session and guide you in taking your career to new heights, prepared for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

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