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Frankie Kastenbaum

Frankie Kastenbaum

Senior UX Designer

Frankie Kastenbaum
Frankie Kastenbaum
Frankie Kastenbaum
Frankie Kastenbaum
Frankie Kastenbaum
Frankie Kastenbaum

About Frankie

Frankie is a New York City based Senior UX Designer who’s passionate about breaking the barrier of entry for beginner UXers. This passion has led her to be a UX Designer by day and Content Creator by night. These aspirations have gained her recognition twice from LinkedIn as a Top Voice in Design (2022 & 2020).A driven and curious learner, she leverages proficiency in Graphic Design, Software Development, and UX/UI Design.

Frankie attributes her success to a critical eye, hard work, and a supportive nature.Throughout her career, she has had the opportunities to work for a wide range of company environments, spanning startups, design agencies and more recently corporate companies. Her time in the UX space has brought her to work on projects in the tech, video, and airline space.Frankie continues to be an active member of the design community not just through her content.

She helps new UXers with portfolio reviews, interview prep, and shares insights into the industry through weekly one on one mentorship sessions. She loves having the ability to share resources and methods she has created to help these new UXers break into the space. Her engagement extends to hosting a bi-weekly bookclub that encourages UXers to communicate with others and remain up to date through reading.


Follow her on Instagram to catch her latest publications and grow as a professional.


Frankie also has a great booklist to amp your career!


Don't forget to follow her on LinkedIn.

About the event

Learn how to create your case study as a story to make it more engaging!

Have you been called a Checklist Designer or been told you have to scroll too much on your case studies? That is why Frankie created the UX Portfolio Sandwich Model. Her unique process allows you to consider the hierarchy of your steps, while helping you draft a case study that tells a story and engages your users. This talk will walk you through her 3 step process so that you can use it on your next case study to help you upscale yours!

RSVP on Meetup to join the event or watch the livestream here.

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