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Here for those who dare to imagine.

Creative UK


Creative UK works to harness the power of the Creative Industries to build a stronger, fairer, and more prosperous future.


We connect, we invest, we support and we champion brilliance – fighting for the opportunity for all to thrive creatively

We believe in the power of creativity and the creative industries to change lives, placing creativity at the heart of the UK’s culture, economy and education system. Our goal is simple: to cultivate a world where creativity is championed, valued, and fundamentally nurtured.

We unite the creative industries and generate opportunities for innovation to thrive by investing in creative people and businesses. We’re here to harness the power of the creative sector to build a stronger, fairer, and more prosperous future.

Our values

The core values behind our founding organisations remain constant. The key to our success is through these values and they are woven into the fabric of our culture.

Everything we do is rooted in this people-centric, future-forward philosophy. Our values steer the way we work; how we do things is just as important as what we do.

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