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The Dream Team Roundtable Audio & Video personalities

Tipo di lavoro


Hybrid - You may work fully remote or visit us in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Informazioni sul ruolo

We're searching for volunteers who would like to be hosts of The Dream Team Roundtable audio & video podcasts.


Have you ever wanted to be in a podcast or web series? Well, here is your chance.

For our pillar The Dream Team Roundtable, we are searching for personallities who can make the sessions fun and exciting while keeping it challenging.

The Dream Team Roundtable is solutions focused and should demonstrate how our participants perform in life action. We aspire to one day have different presenters for different pillars, languages, categories and regions. But we are happy to start one at a time.

If you are a natural cheerleader, overseer or can keep a group of people on task, in real time, focussed on one goal, and you would like to give back, this is your time to shine.


*Volunteering looks good on your resume.

*Sense of purpose

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*We offer to develop you in your desired role.

We have some tasks and assignments for those who would like to help on a small scale like editing one video or designing one element, but we also take bigger steps with those who wish to do more. If you are seeking to upskill and gain experience for a specific role, we can create a trajectory with a time frame and key deliverables.

Here are some excellent reasons listed by Fast Company.


You could work with many new people locally and globally. Not only can you build great relationships, but you can meet the right people at the right time.


All volunteers who choose to be public get to have their own Experience page on which they can tell their story behind their work, demonstrate their skills and talents or what every they would like to have published on it.

Although our roles are currently volunteer based, we will remunerate efforts whenever we have a budget for it.

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