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Thorsten Jonas

Sustainable UX & Innovation

As a strategic UX Consultant with more than 15 years experience in agencies and for international clients, Thorsten helps companies and design-teams to innovate with care and to create more sustainable, responsible and ethical digital products.


Being the long year Director UX for a large digital Agency in Germany, Thorsten quit his job in 2020 to put more focus on the major issues we are facing as human beings and society. Nowadays he helps companies building more responsible digital products and experiences as well as to establish Sustainability and Responsibility in their build and design processes.


As one of the outcomes, in 2021 Thorsten started the non-profit global community and  initiative „SUX – the Sustainable UX Network“ with an international group of designers, to push Sustainable UX and Design further for and with the digital creative community. Part of the network is the SUX Podcast, where Thorsten and his Co-Host Bavo interview designers from around the globe like Tim Frick, Trine Falbe, Robert Kozma, etc.



SUX Network:

SUX Podcast:

Personal Website:


Thorsten Jonas
Thorsten Jonas
Thorsten Jonas
Thorsten Jonas
Thorsten Jonas
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