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Connectivity makes the world go round.


We connect in various ways.

First through defining our focus points, creative, innovation and design, which serves as a guiding light for all our journeys. Here we connect the value and impact of CID in business and society and we enable others to do so too.

And here are four areas to explore with different ways to connect.

1. Experience Portals

Experience portals are created for our stakeholders who choses to. An experience portal can assit in many ways to aid connectivity. All experience portals have a navigation section containing links such as to websites, social media platforms and any other links provided. It's great to build connection as well as to optimise your finadability and SEO rankings.

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2. Events

Events, Events, Events. Not one, not two, but three meeting points for events. Events are of course one of the best ways to connect. We publish your events and we enable you to publish your own.

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3. Members Area

Network and engage with other members, join some groups or start a conversation in the forum.

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4.Networks & Communities

All around the world | Innovators | Designers are building networks and communities surrounding their passions. We are publishing existing networks and communities, and we enable networks and communities to form using our platform.

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