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Terms of Service



You will us this platform with respect and consideration being ethical and diligent to respect others. All of the content on this site has been created by people who contributed their own time and effort with an aim to deliver something meaningful and valuable. As of the publication of this notice, none of the creators or co-creators have received any financial gain from doing so. Please treat them on the same social and civil level.


The multimedia content has been created for you to share with people who has similar interests and like the topics and ideas, or to share industry value & impact with stakeholders.

Please do not alter the content in any shape or form to change the conceptual work in any way.


No spam.

As long as Design in Focus is Directed by Candice Storm, you are guaranteed that you are fully respected and not exploited in any way. As an abuse and human right violation survivor, Candice Storm is big on fairness and civility. We hold you in the highest esteem and respect you fully, please return the sentiment and act accordingly.



DiF - Design in Focus.

This Multimedia Channel & Professional Platform exploring & demonstrating the value & impact of CID in business & society.


VI - Value & Impact.


CID - Creative | Innovation | Design.


BS -Business & Society.


F&M – Founders & Makers.

Professionals in the CID industry who have founded their own organisations, institutions, groups, networks, collectives etc.


DiF F&M - Design in Focus Founders & Makers.

Founders & Makers refer to individuals who Manage & Direct their own chapters of Design in Focus, in which the found new collectives or make more content.


M&T – Mentors & Trainers.

Professionals who offer mentoring and or training to CID stakeholders.


DiF M&T - Design in Focus Mentor (s) (ing) & Train (ers) (ing).

Mentors & Trainers refer to people who use the DiF platform to offer mentoring & training to CID stakeholders.


C&N – Communities & Networks.

Refer to communities & networks in the CID industry.


DiF C&N - Design in Focus Communities & Networks.

Refer to communities & networks that have been created using the DiF platform.


Participant - Someone who comes on the Design in Focus Podcast to participate as a speaker, presenter, conversationalist, or Debater.


Member – Refers to someone who has signed up and been approved as a member of the DiF platform.


Collaborator – A person or organisation that works in collaboration with DiF to create multimedia content for the channel and or provide value on the professional platform.


Sponsor – A person or organisation that aids DiF in reaching it’s goals and objectives.



Copyright & Intellectual Property.


DiF maintains all ownership of copyright and intellectual property found throughout this site and platform.  You may not use any of the content in any way other than to appreciate the content or share the concepts.





You indemnify Design in Focus of any negative situations that may occur while using this platform. We are a public platform engaging with the general public but cannot be responsible for or control what the general public does.

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Please read the general Rules and Terms before proceeding.


The rules for participating are simple.

You have to be a CID professional.

Your sessions must centre around Value and or Impact, in Business and or Society.

Please be considerate and respectful.


Participant Specific Terms.

Session (s) – Video and or audio recordings or the duration of time we use for other creative outputs such as article publications.


Works – The final assets that come out of our efforts together, including podcasts, events, web series, documentaries, infographics, animations, articles and letters, videos, photography and other type of media form used.


Experience portal – A landing page created to host your content and our work (s).


Audio – Sound media.


Visio / Visual – Imagery and graphics.


Video – Visually recorded and or animated media.


Editorial – Written media.


The conditions for participating.

You have to meet the criteria that makes up the foundation of Design in Focus. Understand the mission and vision and create accordingly. You have to sign the agreement and release form and comply with the statements therein. You can find an example and outline of the agreement form in the legal section. *Add link when created. 


The agreement document is written with the intention of establishing an environment that is safe and secure and all stakeholders can maintain good faith. There are some clauses that may seem intimidating, but they are only intimidating in areas of ill intent. As long as all stakeholders remain, civil, moral, and respectful, there are no negative consequences. When these boundaries are violated or abused, we rely on the agreement form as an authoritative document binding you to make amends in proportion to violation or offence. Simply put, don’t be an asshole.  We are not and will not be assholes either. All our efforts are for the purpose of doing something meaningful that rewards on a personal growth level. No trolls or warts accepted.


When you fill in the onboarding form, you agree that you have read the legal agreement and do not object to it.  Please do not waste valuable time and resources to start a dialogue if you are not sober and serious. Creating multimedia content and publishing it publicly is a serious endeavour. Design in Focus and it’s stakeholders as well as you have legal and moral rights and obligations and by making multimedia public we are all responsible for the consequences. There are “bad guys” out there, more than many are aware off, and with our public presence, they do sometimes take advantage. Sometimes the bad guys are just someone who is having a bad day and act spontaneously without consideration. They can still be a threat. Be sure you understand what it mean to publish your thoughts, ideas, words, or any other aspect of your person such as name and contact details.



Please read the general Rules and Terms before proceeding.




No harassing other members. This includes pestering, antagonising, provoking, spamming or any other behaviour that is unwanted and uncalled for.


No trolling or bullying.


No abusing the platform or services provided by Design in Focus.


No selling or reselling of content found on the platform.


No editing or changing of the content and media without consent from the producer and stakeholders.


Keep it professional and friendly.


Stay respectful and dignified.



You may use this platform for your full advantage as long as it does not cause harm or damage to anyone. This is a platform crafted to add value and impact relating to CID in business and society. Please refer to the general terms and conditions to gain an understanding of the length we go to ensure that there is no abuse or violation from our side. We demand that our members and other stakeholders act in a civilised, aware and dignified manner and refrain from acting in ways that cause harm or ill intent. By checking the mark that you agree to the Terms & Conditions, you agree that you will meet our demand and that any infringement thereof will be met with consequences.


You may cancel your membership any time and ask to delete your details.


Membership is free and neither you or your data & details are used for financial gain.

Design in Focus is a cause driven organisation. We support and strive to enable those who contribute to the cause of value & impact of CID in business and society. All the content on the platform, public and private, have been conceptualised, designed, created and published with the intention to add value to professionals and industry. Using the platform and content outside of this context is prohibited. If you do find such content or media, please inform us immediately so that we can remedy it.


The design in Focus platform is fully directed and executed by Candice Storm using a very lean budget. As we grow, we can gain better tools, equipment, more manpower and stronger budgets. Because of the current limited options, there is a lot of room for growth. You can post all your comments, suggestions and feed back to our Q&A page and we will add it to the backlog.


As a small organisation with an insecure fund we can not ensure that the platform will be available for an extended period of time. When the funds are not available the platform will be removed online, including all your data, additions, and contributions.


By using this platform you agree that you will not hold Design in Focus liable for any damages occurred to you from using it as intended.


Intended use


Become a member of a professional and industry collective.

Join or create groups related to creative | innovation | design. You can join or create any kinds of groups as long as they relate to CID people or industry.


Post your thought, ideas, requests, media and events.


Interact and follow other members.

Image by Chris Brignola


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This content is being updated. Please return later.

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