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A Ton of Brains - Fun and Games

Unleashing the Power of Games & Gamification

Where Fun Meets Transformation

Welcome to a world where fun and games collide with transformative experiences! Join us on this exhilarating journey into the realm of gamification, where games and design converge to reshape how humanity thrives today. From gamified workshops that spark creativity to gamified onboarding that drives engagement, and the booming gaming industry, discover the profound impact of gamification in shaping our existence on all levels.

Why Does Gamification Hold Major Influence in Today's World?

Engagement and Motivation

Gamification captivates hearts and minds, motivating individuals to embrace challenges and achieve goals, be it in learning, work, or daily tasks.

Learning Reinvented

Gamified educational experiences enhance learning, making complex concepts accessible, enjoyable, and memorable for learners of all ages.

Behavioral Change

By tapping into intrinsic rewards, gamification inspires positive behavior changes, encouraging healthier lifestyles and environmentally conscious actions.

Unleashing Creativity

Gamification fosters creativity by providing a playful space for exploration and experimentation, leading to innovative problem-solving.

Building Community

Gamified experiences create vibrant communities, where shared goals and achievements bring people together, fostering collaboration and support.

Data-Driven Insights

Gamification in design generates valuable data on user interactions, preferences, and performance, informing strategic decision-making.

Entertainment and Escapism

The gaming industry delights millions, offering immersive experiences that transport players to new worlds, providing joy and respite.

Join the Gamification Revolution

Embrace the game-changers and trailblazers as they discuss the endless possibilities of gamification in design and beyond. Explore the impact of gamified experiences on personal growth, business success, and the world at large. Together, let's uncover how games and gamification are transforming how we live, learn, and interact.



A Ton of Brains - Fun and Games

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This initiative was started by Randstad UX for the R'UX Network & Community. It escalated quickly and we spread beyond the Randstad. Because there are very important topics in this awareness week, we thought it would be better to reskin the portal without our own branding, and only add our logos to the events we organise ourselves. 

To make this initiative work for as many important voices as possible, we decided to also list other relevant events around the topics and themes of Design for Tomorrow. If you are organising relevant events, please feel free to add them to the list. That way more people can hear about ethics, sustainability, human centered and human centric design and every other important topic in the design world today. 

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